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New Nexus 7 tutorial video showcases Google apps

July 26, 2012

Google has just released a new video for the Nexus 7. Following the first two from the series, which walk users through setting up the tablet for the first time and personalizing the home screen, the latest video touches lightly on the subject of … Google apps.

From the Chrome browser and its many tabs, to Gmail and the ability to swipe back and forth between messages, the two core Google services are briefly explained. The video also showcases some of Google Map’s features, which include performing a voice search for nearby places and attractions. The video then shows off the 3D wow factor of Google Earth and the ability to watch HD video on the YouTube app.

Bearing in mind that Google is aiming for a wider audience with its first Nexus tablet, this explains the approach that the company is taking in promoting the Nexus 7 and the accompanying tutorial videos. Hard it may be to believe, there are folks out there who have yet to make contact with Android products, so the series of video should make a nice starting point for them.

Press play on the embedded video above to view the slick presentation for yourself.