Nexus 7

New Nexus 7 pre-orders with Best Buy may be shipping as soon as today, and some locations that are receiving the stock today may even sell it to buyers interested in purchasing it in-store.

The unconfirmed news comes from Engadget, which has been tipped off by a “source claiming to be the manager of a Best Buy store.”

Apparently, there weren’t as many new Nexus 7 pre-orders in the tipster’s region, which apparently means that “if you are present at a (Best Buy) location today at opening, you have a good chance of buying the tablet.”

That’s not something totally unexpected, considering that others have similarly dropped the ball and started shipping orders even before the device became official.

Google announced that the tablet will start selling on July 30, which is when Best Buy pre-orders should also start shipping. Interestingly though, Engadget also says that the shipping time has changed from July 30 to July 26 (or today) for a unit it has pre-ordered with Best Buy (see following image).

Nexus 7

Let’s hear it from our readers then, will your Best Buy Nexus 7 (2013) be also shipped today? Are you going to a Best Buy location to get your hands on one?