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New Nexus 7 press images apparently leaked, show certain features and hint Android 4.3 is on board

The first leaked press images for the new Nexus 7 have been published by a trusted source for leaks, showing certain features and hinting that Android 4.3 is present on board. Check out the images here!
July 22, 2013
Google Nexus 7
First-gen Google Nexus 7

A popular Twitter account has posted the first alleged images of the new Nexus 7 tablet, showing some of the tablet’s features and hinting that it will run a new Android OS version right out of the box.

Considering that its @evleaks that we’re talking about, and that the image showing the front panel of the device has been spotted in an alleged Best Buy ad the other day, we’d say these images are showing us the real new Nexus 7, although there’s always a chance they’re fake.

New Nexus 7
Purported new Nexus 7 press image | Image Credit @evleaks.

As you can see, the wallpaper of the new Nexus 7 is different than the one the current Nexus 7 has in the Google Play Store. Interestingly, the time shown on the device is 4:30, suggesting the device will launch with Android 4.3 on board. A profile image of the new tablet is also available from the same source.

On the back, the Nexus logo now has a landscape orientation, rather than a portrait one as in the current model. The Asus logo is also present, also on the back.

New Nexus 7
New Nexus 7 vs “New” Nexus 7 | Image Credit @poke4christ.

The front and rear camera can be easily observed, as are the dual speakers, which you’ll find on the back (top and bottom). A notification light seems to be present on the front side.

Furthermore, this Nexus 7 image seems to show a cellular version of the handset, as a SIM slot can be observed on the lower right side of the device (on the left in the image showing the back of the tablet). Considering that such a feature would be present in press shots, it must mean the cellular version of the tablet will launch at the same time with the Wi-Fi model – presumably, there’s 4G LTE support in that version. As for storage capacity, @evleaks tweeted that the device will be available in 16GB and 32GB flavors, which is what we’ve heard so far.

New Nexus 7
Purported new Nexus 7 press image | Image Credit @evleaks.

The overall design is pretty similar with the current model, although the new Nexus 7 is slightly bigger and thinner. However, the display size has not changed. As you can see in one of the images above, a comparison between the two Nexus 7 generations is available to show the size difference, although we’ll note that it’s not provided directly by @evleaks – instead it has been published by a different person, and then retweeted by @evleaks.

The new Nexus 7 is expected to be unveiled this week during Google’s July 24 media event.