This… could be big.

An anonymous tipster sent us a pic from the YouTube KitKat statue unveiling, a video of which which you can find below. In that video, people are snapping pics left and right, celebrating the new statue. One of those people taking pics appears to have the new Nexus phone.

It has the Nexus branding, and is a bit small to be the Nexus 7. We’ll update this post as we learn more, but this is too good not to share.

[Update] After the video made its rounds, Google has marked the video private. Though we didn’t learn about the video from Google+, it seems it was shared via the Android page there as well. Oddly enough, the Android team has disabled sharing of that post.

Whatever their reason, the device has been spotted, and we’ve got our first look at what we believe to be the new Nexus device.

[Update 2] Commenter Ruben has found the video on Mediafire, so please check it out HERE.