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New Nexus 5 ads are all about the camera

Google has posted three new Nexus 5 ads which focus on the phone's camera capabilities including Photo Sphere, HDR+ and Auto Awesome.
November 26, 2013

Google on Monday released new Nexus 5 ads focusing – pun not intended – on the camera features of the phone.

The new ads highlight several camera features of the Nexus 5 including the Photo Sphere (above), the HDR+ support or the Auto Awesome feature (below). Interestingly, all three ads are only 15 seconds long each. They only show pictures with plenty of background sounds, highlighting one feature of the phone’s camera, but they certainly deliver a clear message.

We have already seen the new flagship Nexus handset unofficially compared with the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5S in terms of camera performance, with such comparisons finding the Nexus 5’s camera to be an improvement over its predecessor, and a decent rival to Apple’s iPhone 5S.

In our in-depth Nexus 5 review, we found the camera performance and experience to be decent, and certainly better than on the Nexus 4, although there’s always room to grow in this department.

However, it looks like Google sees the camera of the Nexus 5 as a major selling point for the handset, and that’s certainly not surprising considering the company’s interest in providing its customers better camera experiences, whether we’re talking about taking photos on Android handsets, or managing them on Google+.