LG Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is the latest Google pure Android smartphone in town and the device is selling like hot cakes in various markets. At the same time, we’ll note that we have no idea how many of those cakes Google and LG produced in their initial batch, as neither company announced Nexus 4 sales numbers for the launch week.

We’ll also remind you that Google managed to annoy early Nexus 4 buyers, by telling some of them that their new toys will ship in up to three weeks instead of the expected 3-5 business day initial shipping estimate.

Obviously Google wasn’t able to make sure that everyone that ordered a Nexus 4 in the first minutes after launch will get the smartphone in a timely manner and we have no idea why that happened.

We can tell you though that a new batch of fresh Nexus 4 units is shipping to consumers and should reach their homes in the very near future. According to Phandroid, shipping confirmation emails have been sent to Nexus 4 buyers that purchased the device “three minutes after it went live in the Play Store,” had their orders confirmed, but have never received a following shipping email.

We have no idea whether international Nexus 4 buyers in similar situations are also receiving such emails, and we have no idea whether all existing Nexus 4 orders will be honored in the following days. But we’re certainly going to keep you updated.

As for Nexus 4 availability, the device is still out of stock, one week after being officially launched.