Motorola is aiming to launch its new 7-inch Android Tablet this November, while their 10.1 inch segment will follow a month after. Chinese reports say that Compal is responsible for designing the former, while Motorola is busy developing and improving its larger XOOM device. Tipsters also claim that neither of the two tablets will be running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

This claim is contrary to Google’s plan of acquiring Motorola Mobility and as expected, the tablets to be released should be first in line for the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades. Technical details and specifications of the two new devices are still unclear, although there have been several leaks that are hinting on the new design Motorola is trying to incorporate in its latest innovation.

Live shots of the two prototypes were released last weekend, each possessing a more industrial look compared to the bland original look of Motorola XOOM. For a more distinctive aesthetics, angled corners and complex back panels were added.

Motorola is still aiming for a smaller Android tablet for consumers but for now, CEO Sanjay Jha believes that it is still in the stages of being a ‘fun’ proposition.

via SlashGear