New Motorola Logo

It’s not official, but it’s there. On the tech week website, tucked way at the bottom, is a new Motorola logo. We’ve seen variants of the Motorola logo before, but this one has a twist. This one may mean something.

Gone is the bright red warning sign with the familiar “M” staring at you so menacingly. The Motorola logo, which had been around for as long as most can remember, is born again. A bright purple replaces the red, and the lowercase font below suggests a friendlier, more approachable company. Even the sharp “M” looks gentler.

If that sounds like marketing nonsense, it is. The most important part of the new logo is not the color, or colors if The Verge is right with the “alternate” logo. It’s not a font choice, or sizing, or even retaining brand recognition.

It’s that last line, at the very bottom.

Since purchasing the handset maker, Google has kept them at a comfortable distance. Vowing to operate them as a separate company, Google was cautious in not appearing to show favoritism. Though the immediate appointment of Dennis Woodside to CEO of Motorola didn’t do them any favors, Google has since allowed Motorola to operate with minimal involvement or oversight.

While that will probably still be the case, branding Motorola as a Google company shows quite a bit of support from the mothership. We’ve long wondered when Google would start to acknowledge Motorola as a subsidiary, rather than a company they happen to have ownership of. Google purchased Motorola for patent protection, though those patents haven’t been as lucrative as they may have thought. There is clearly an aspect of manufacturing control, but Google hasn’t had input on a consumer device from Motorola yet.

Whatever their reason for acquiring Motorola, Google is now staking claim to them, as they should.