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New Moto X on Verizon to get Advanced Calling 1.0, run VoLTE

Verizon will roll out their VoLTE service later this fall, and the 2nd generation Motorola Moto X will be one of the first to use it. Advanced Calling 1.0 is the name of the service, including VoLTE, HD Voice calling and more.
September 23, 2014
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We’ve already mentioned that you have only to wait until this coming Friday, September 26th, to get your hands on the Verizon branded new Moto X. At which time, you’ll be in possession of one of the first phones that will get Verizon’s Advanced Calling 1.0.

We are really looking forward to the new Moto X hitting the market – the 1st generation of the Moto X never ceased to impress us, and Verizon’s version sticks pretty close to default this time around, including in its pricing. Better yet, just a reminder, if you order within the first couple weeks, you’ll be able to upgrade to the bamboo cover for no additional charge. Prices will start at $99 on two year contract, $25 on Edge.

The new Motorola Moto X was officially announced just a couple weeks ago and went up for pre-order on September 16th from Motorola and through AT&T. Verizon has a history of being just a little bit slower to get some Motorola phones to market. Without much delay, Verizon customers will be able to get their hands on this Snapdragon 801 powered device with 2GB of RAM, a 5.2-inch display, a 13MP camera and a surprisingly tiny 2300mAh battery. We can only hope that Motorola has a Sony level battery trick up their sleeve.

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Advanced Calling 1.0

Good news, the Verizon Moto X will be one of the first phones to receive the new Advanced Calling 1.0 app update. What’s that, you ask? Advanced Calling 1.0 is essentially VoLTE, or Voice over LTE. It also has a few other great add-ins, such as HD voice calls, 2-way video calls and 6 way conference calls. Very exciting.

However, and this is a big one for some of you, until the Advanced Calling 1.0 app rolls out ‘later this fall’ your new Verizon branded Moto X will not be able to run data and voice calls at the same time.

The reason is pretty simple, Verizon calls on the new Moto X will still run through the aging CDMA network, while data will run through Verizon’s latest LTE. Advanced Calling 1.0, specifically VoLTE, will run your calls through LTE as well, re-enabling simultaneous voice and data connectivity.

Any big red customers out there that have been hoping for the new Moto X on Verizon’s network?