Motorola just unveiled its 2014 lineup, including the new Moto X, new Moto G, and the Moto 360. Of this roster, the new Moto G is likely the device that will interest the most people, given that the original mid-ranger is Motorola’s bestselling device ever.

The new Moto G (Motorola opted to keep names unchanged) is a general refinement of the concept that made the original Moto G so successful, very importantly, without out a hiked price tag.

The device is now slightly larger, at 5-inch, a reflection of the world’s general preference for bigger screens, while the resolution remained 720p. That means the display is slightly less dense than on the first gen, though still perfectly reasonable for its price range.

The design is just another refinement, with a few small changes to the back and the new front facing stereo speakers on the back. At 11 millimeters at its thickest point, the new Moto G is a bit chubby, but the tapered edges help offset it. The device, which will come in an array of bright colors, is a bit on the heavy side, at 149 grams.

Under the hood, there really aren’t that many changes – the same Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 1GB of RAM, 8GB and 16GB of storage (expandable, just like on the LTE version of the original Moto G), and 2,070 mAh battery. While the lack of a big bump in processing power could be disappointing to some, Motorola kept the $179 price unchanged, while delivering improvements on some other fronts.

The new Moto G will run “pure” Android 4.4.4, with no modifications from Motorola, and just a handful of added apps. Motorola is again promising a “guaranteed update”, meaning that Moto G users will be among the first to enjoy Android L later this fall.

The 8GB model of the new Moto G costs $179 unlocked, while the 16GB model will go for $199.

The new Moto G will be available today from Motorola (starting 11AM CT) and national retailers in the US. It’s also going on sale today in Germany, France, UK, Brazil, Spain, and India.

Stay tuned, we’re going to get our hands-on impressions of the new Moto G, new Moto X, and the Moto 360 a bit later.

Are you impressed with what Motorola did with the new Moto G?