Issues with our gadgets running out of juice too quickly may now be a thing of the past. Researchers from Northwestern University (NU) found a way for Lithium-ion batteries to hold a charge 10 times longer and charge 10 times faster.

Harold Kung, one of the researchers who worked on this project, also claims that the batteries they tested became 5 times more effective than the batteries of today even after the batteries went through 150 re-charge cycles.

Calling it a “dream battery,” NU reports that the battery could stay charged for more than a week and could recharge in just a quarter hour.

The details of the project are a bit complicated and too technical. But, in simple terms, the research is actually aiming to increase the energy capacity of a Lithium-ion battery by increasing the charge density of the battery. It also aims to speed up the movement of lithium ions from the electrolyte to the anode, which will make the charging process faster.

This promising discovery is yet to be tested in a real-world situation. If this technology could be perfected and brought to consumers, we will all be a happy camper. We cannot disregard the fact, though, that this has been done by other researchers like the Fluoride Shuttle concept from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and yet this concept has not been applied.

Many of the newer gadgets today are becoming more and more power-hungry. It’s about time to come up with a feasible solution when it comes to battery issues.  What do you think of a longer-lasting battery for your Android phone?  How’s the battery life on your Android device?