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LG G2 slims down for matchup vs Note 2

The phone that won't stop leaking, the LG G2 has shown up in another set of images that show it looking pretty slim next to the Galaxy Note 2.
July 12, 2013
LG Optimus G2 leak

No, the picture above is not from the leak in question, but it’s there because, well, we have to apologize in advance: these pictures are pretty ugly. But in yet another leak for a phone that’s nearly been leaked to death, it looks like things are shrinking all over. In what is purportedly a photo of the LG G2 next to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it looks like the G2’s bezel is at least half as thin.


While that is undeniably cool, not everything included in this newest leak looks like reason to celebrate. Fans of super-huge batteries will be dissapointed with the 2,540 mAh battery shown in the pics, though given what we’ve seen with Snapdragon chipsets and power consumption, we’d hold judgement on battery life for now.


While we’re still crossing our fingers for 3 GB RAM, another leaked pic featuring memory usage may point to it being 2 GB. It’s hard to tell from just simply seeing an (ugly) image, though, so who knows? It’s entirely possible that the device is either not running many apps, or is just extremely memory efficient.


One thing is for sure: we’re not going to have to wait that long to find out. We’ll be there at the LG G2 event in New York on August 7 to bring you a first hand look at the real-deal G2, and we’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be making a pretty big splash.

What do you think of this newest leak? Is this what we’re going to see in the LG G2 when it’s made official?