Last month, Android Authority reported that the highly anticipated Motorola DROID Bionic’s debut was deferred due to various unconfirmed reasons.

Some said that the reason for the delay was to modify the device and incorporate enhancements suggested by the DROID Bionic’s critics at CES 2011. Other rumors said that the delay was necessary because the DROID Bionic will be brought to life in a new form factor as the Targa.

Since then, we haven’t picked up anything about it. However yesterday we saw some leaked images that tell us some of the reasons why the DROID Bionic was delayed.

All the looks are just about the same, except for the size of its display. Last time, reports stated that it would carry a 4.3-inch qHD display. But, the recently leaked photos say that it will be having a 4.5-inch qHD display.

But, there’s more. The DROID Bionic’s Android version, according to the leak photos, has been updated from Froyo to Gingerbread. Also on board is the much improved Blur UI with some 3D features supported. Still, the DROID Bionic remains 4G LTE enabled.

We caught a glimpse of the handset’s new Bionic Red Eye, too, that stares as intimidatingly as ever.

Motorola was not joking when it mentioned that it had to refurbish the DROID Bionic, as the newly leaked photos show the improvements.

As of the moment, these are all we’ve got about the DROID Bionic. I’ll continue to sniff around for more details about this mysterious handset, and I’m sure more details will appear in the next few days. So, stay tuned.

Source: Droid-life