htc m7 render

HTC’s next flagship device is going to be unveiled soon, considering the increasing frequency of new rumors that either reveal details about the upcoming Android smartphone or show purported images of the handset.

But while we can only assume that HTC is going to unveil the M7 – or whatever this device will be called – next month at this year’s MWC edition in Barcelona, Spain, there are no official details from the Taiwanese company regarding the faith of the high-end smartphone.

Today we’re getting to look at a new HTC M7 render that has hit the web during the weekend. Is it the real thing? Is it just a photoshopped image meant to get some attention? There’s no way of telling what’s what right now, but we will also notice that the M7 in the image above looks awfully familiar.

In case you have been checking out Windows Phone 8 handsets you may remember the HTC 8X, which is a WP8 smartphone that looks very much like the M7. Is HTC using the same chassis for its 2013 top-of-the-line Android handset? That would make some sense, wouldn’t it?


For what it’s worth, HTC Source says the image comes from an “early firmware build of the device” so anyone looking to buy a new HTC Android handset this year can certainly hope the picture shows the real thing.

Whether real or not, the image also reveals that the M7 will come with Beats Audio on board and a brand new Sense 5.0 UI version – and we’ve seen leaked Sense 5.0 screenshots just a few days ago. Moreover, you will notice how those menu buttons have a new layout, with the Multitasking button taking a central placement, while the Home button moves over to the right.

And yes, there is a hint this device will be unveiled at MWC in late February. It’s right there on the screen, and you must have noticed it already: it’s rather cold in Barcelona at -4C.

Anyone buying the HTC M7 in the near future?

Thanks, tipster!