Since the airing of its first TV commercial last month, Google has been keeping the Nexus 7 on the down low, save for that rare self-promotion of the quad-core tablet on its front page earlier in the week. The first ad, a warmhearted portrayal of a father and son bonding over the Nexus 7 when out “camping”, was so well received that Google decided to keep the family theme for the follow up.

The second TV commercial for the Nexus 7, titled Curious, now shows the point of view of a mother and her young daughter. Sounds like a smart move by Google to make the $199 tablet that much more appealing to a whole new segment: moms of the world.

From reading a picture story book to the little girl using the Nexus 7, mom checking recipes while cooking, to cam chats with grandma and having a virtual tea party, Google has succeeded in creating some “aww moments”.  The ad also features what could possibly be the first sighting of Google Now on the small screen.

Check the new Nexus 7 commercial on the embedded video and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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