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New Google Maps sign-up page published, then pulled, ahead of official announcement

The new Google Maps sign-up page complete with various details about the updated desktop Maps version has been published, then pulled, by Google. Check out the available screenshots!
May 15, 2013

Google has briefly revealed a new Google Maps version for desktop ahead of its official announcement, but pulled the mistakenly published sign-up page.

The company was rumored just a few days ago to introduce a new Google Maps version in the near future – quite possibly at Google I/O 2013, according to our findings – and it looks like those rumors were accurate. The company’s accidental publishing of the new Google Maps user interface – or was it an intentional leak? – reveals various details about the new version.

Mind you, we’re only looking at screenshots showing the new changes in the desktop version of the product, although we would assume that the mobile apps would also be updated in the future.

According to the available screenshots (gallery below), the new Google Maps version will offer even better search features, which is certainly expected considering that’s the core business for Google.

Google wants to offer users a “tailored map for every search” so they’d easily find what they’re looking for. Moreover, a “smarter search box” will be found on top of the full-screen maps to offer access to more information as you use Maps.

Full-screen maps are apparently coming to Google Maps complete with Google Earth images, Earth View, better Flight Search information and transportation mode comparisons. In a Google Now-esque manner, the new Google Maps will get better as you use it more, as it will presumably learn more details about you and offer better maps results tailored to your needs.

In any case, the new Google Maps is not yet available to use just yet, and from the looks of it, it will require invites at least at first. We’ll be bringing you all the Maps-related news as soon as the new update is official. Meanwhile, see anything you’d particularly like in the new Google Maps for desktop?