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Last month’s Google Maps for Android update saw the addition of a few new features as well as the re-addition a single old one after a brief period of public backlash. Now, an even newer version of Google Maps has been outed yet again, this time to give advertisers the option to show users local ads based on search terms that they enter.

According to a recent blog post on Inside AdWords, an official Google blog, the new Google Maps app now shows relevant ads at the bottom of the screen based on what a user has just finished searching for. So for instance, if you search for “gardening shop” on Google Maps, you will be shown a local ad related to it, such as perhaps an ad for gardening tools in your area. This is, according to Google, a way to make the app “more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers.”

The ads are not likely to appear on all user searches, but only those that have been targeted as keywords by Google’s advertisers. And when they do appear, they have a small purple box on the left that says “Ad” in them, plus they are placed on the map itself with a purple icon instead of the usual red one.

If a user clicks on an ad, it can show a business’s address, phone number, photos, reviews, and more. And any further user action from this point on will either be paid or free — saving business information for later, sharing a business with a friend, or starting navigation are among the free ones, while the rest would register as paid clicks for advertisers.

Google makes it clear that only two paid clicks per ad impression will be charged by AdWords to the advertisers. This means that it should be easy to take this new form of advertising for a test run and see if it’s worth it. And for those who want more info on ad prices and ad eligibility, these can be found on the official AdWords Help Center.

Source: Inside Adwords

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