image_63Yesterday Google released an update that, although not exclusively Android related, is currently only available on Android and iPhone/iPod Touch devices. The update includes a new image search feature for Google Image Search, allowing you to view up to 20 images at once on one page, cleanly and easily. You can then scout out the details that interest you and on the details page for any given image. Form here, users can also view a larger thumbnail of the image in question and visit the website it originates from.

Also available in the new Image Search is the ‘search by style’ section, allowing mobile Android users to filter searches by categories, such as faces, clip art, line drawings, or photo content. This feature has been around for a few months on the standard Google image search, but only with this new update has it become available to Android.

For more information, visit Google’s official mobile blog here.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.