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New Google Glass video shows off the user interface

The new video demonstrates how the UI will look and operate in real time. It also shows some of the features of Google Glass, including video chat, language translation, and navigation capabilities.
February 20, 2013
Google Glass hand

I’ve been a big fan of the Google Glass concept since I first heard about it, but this new video has really made me want a pair more than ever.

The video shows off how the UI will look and operate in real time, and it seems like they’ve nailed everything pretty much perfectly. The seamless camera and video capture features, real time video chat, and voice commands are not only exceedingly awesome but, perhaps most importantly, shows that the device is practical for your social needs, rather than just a cool concept.

Anyway I’ll shut up now, take a look at the video for yourself.

With Google Glass reportedly launching sometime early in 2014, there’s still an agonizing wait until we’ll be able to get our hands on it. Are you impressed, or is the Google Glass design still too gimmicky looking to make you want a pair?