Those of you who are anxiously waiting for Samsung to finally release the Jelly Bean update for its hottest Android 2012 handset, the Galaxy S3, surely know by now that we have seen a plethora of Android 4.1.1 builds getting leaks for the international version, for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S3, but also for the Bell Galaxy S3 variant, with the latter also working on other carriers in the region.

These are not Jelly Bean-based custom ROMs, but they are instead leaked firmware versions that Samsung is apparently making available to the crowds intentionally. That seems to be the simplest conclusion we can draw at this time. What better way to test the ROMs and make sure they have as few bugs as possible when the get released than by offering leaks day after day?

The same thing is happening with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, two of Samsung’s latest tablets that have also received leaked Jelly Bean updates, which further suggests that the South Korean carrier is somehow using its customer base as Guinea pigs to test things out.

As for the latest Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean version that can be installed on certain models, we’re looking at build number I9300XXDLI5 that can be downloaded and flashed right away by anyone not interested anymore in waiting for the real deal. As always, we don’t encourage you to run unofficial software on your devices, but it’s up to you to decide which road to take with your gadgets.

This latest leak is dated September 9, and according to Sam Mobile this is the “most stable leak EVER” – unless the publication is wrong, in which case we’re going to see more leaks in the day to come. Because just yesterday the same source provided users with another Jelly Bean update, version I9300XXDLI4, dated September 7, that was, “the most stable leak EVER.” Oh, snap! So does that mean that in a few days an even more stable leak is coming?

Well, here’s what these two pre-release builds bring to the table:

I9300XXDLI4 Noticeable Changes:
  • Brightness Issue is fixed
  • Wi-Fi reception improved
  • RAM Optimizations
  • Fast Battery Charging
  • App Drawer much smoother
  • Apps open really fast
  • Very Fast and Smooth
I9300XXDLI5 Noticeable Changes:
  • Maps compass is fixed
  • Maps arrow for direction is fixed
  • UI is smoother and faster
  • Smart Stay Improved
  • Very Stable
  • No FCs

In any case, what’s certain is that Samsung has not yet announced release dates for its Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update, which is a typical move from an Android device maker, even though the company said more than a week ago, at IFA 2012, that the update is coming soon.

Factor in the time carriers will take to push the update to their customers, especially in certain markets, and “soon” starts to mean something completely different.