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New and fresh Android apps of the week (September 28 issue)

September 28, 2012

We’re just a few days away from bidding goodbye to September and saying hello to October.  Yet, when talking of Android apps, we hardly need to say bye-bye; rather, it’s mostly a case of saying hello, especially to the newest and the freshest goodies from the Android app market.

In this last week of September, say hello to some of the best new and fresh Android apps that were unleashed upon the Google Play Store this week.  We scurried and bustled about in the Store and filled our shopping basket with an app for:

  • crunching and computing discounts while you go shopping;
  • searching for locally installed apps and launching them;
  • random selection of items in a set;
  • monitoring your daily water intake;
  • finding interesting people to chat or flirt with, or even meet and make friends with;
  • connecting and “mingling” with people at events, social-networking-style;
  • keeping shopping lists with the use of gestures;
  • accessing your phone from any Web browser;
  • collaborating on a group project;
  • finding places such as restaurants and entertainment centers, and getting information about them;
  • recording time spent on a task;
  • getting beauty and makeup tips;
  • downloading email attachments and files even if the file formats are not natively supported by your email client or browser;
  • using your Android’s LED lights as a flashlight, early warning device, strobe light, or Morse code signal beacon; and
  • hand-picking phone numbers or contacts that you don’t want to be able to call you.

Check out these new apps, will you?  And, tell us what you think of them.

Most people love to go to the mall and shop. We may even make a shopping list so that we won’t forget to buy the things that we need. But, aside from making your shopping list, it’s also important that you manage your money well before going out to shop. A wise shopper always monitors mall events and promos that sell a product at a lower price. When a mall has a sale, be sure to install the Discount Calculator- Shopping on your Android device. This app will help you calculate the price of a discounted product and computes the total expenses in your shopping bag.

All you need to do is type in the original price and place the sale percentage of that product. The discounted price will appear below. The app will also allow you to add the tax value of a product. Once you have computed all the items’ discounted prices, your total expenses will appear at the top of the screen.

The ads-supported Discount Calculator- Shopping app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will only appear at the bottom of the screen and won’t hinder you from using the app.

Do you need more app options for your shopping or grocery tasks? Check out some of the best grocery list apps for Android and the best Android apps for shoppers to find best deals.

The patent war is raging on. Phone manufacturers are trying their best to create better Androids without copying the opposition. Samsung even modified its phone to avoid conflict with other phone manufacturers. The company has even pushed an update that removed local search functionality on the Galaxy S3. Many reacted to this change because the local search function was a very useful tool on the mobile phone. If you were one of the victims of this update, worry no more. You can easily replace the local search function on your phone with an app from the Google Play Store.

The Quick launch(find & launch) functions like a local search on your mobile phone. All you need to do is type the name of the app and launch it directly from Quick launch. The app, however, doesn’t really imitate the local search since the app is only limited to searching for apps on your mobile phone. It would be a good addition to the app if it also allowed contacts or phone numbers to be searched.

The ad-supported Quick launch(find & launch) can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will appear at the top of the app ‘s screen, but aren’t a big distraction while using the app.

Who will clean the dishes? Who will buy the food? Who will do this or that task? Making a decision is hard, especially when your are in a group. Life would be easier if members of your group are up for the task. If you and your group members find it hard to assign tasks, you can use the app Decider to help you settle things. This app will randomly pick a marker assigned to a specific member of your group.

The app is also simple to use. All you need to do is to let your members tap anywhere on the screen to place their markers. When all markers are placed, just tap the spinner which will then spin around and point to a marker. You can use this app to assign certain tasks to your team members. You even use this to assign who’s the it in your hide-and-seek game or represent the marker as the food that you want to eat. You can also change the theme to white or dark on the Settings menu.

The ads-free Decider app can be downloaded for a price of about US$2.00 from the Google Play Store.

The human body consists of about 50-75% water. Water is very important for daily life. This substance can help regulate body temperature, flush out waste products in our body, moisten the lungs, lubricate the joints, and a lot more. That’s why it is very important to take in the right amount of water everyday. You need at least 8 glasses of water a day and if you’re an active person, that required amount increases. In our busy and hectic environment, we may even forget to take in the right amount of water. We need the help of the Slimming Water, Healthy Water to monitor our daily water intake.

This app is primarily used to monitor your daily water intake. On the app’s main menu, you can find specific glass sizes and the amount of water each glass contains. As you drink your water, you will need to tap the corresponding glass size and tap the plus sign to record your water intake. The app also allows you to view the total water you have taken for the day. It will even show your water intake data on a bar graph. The app also has an alarm feature that will notify you to drink your water at a given time.

You can download the ads-free Slimming Water, Healthy Water app for about a dollar from the Google Play Store.

Need more apps to keep you on the pinkest side of health? Check out some of the best Android apps for staying healthy and keeping fit.

Alone and with nothing to do on a Friday night? Want to meet new friends nearby? Meet new and interesting friends with the Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet app. This is a social site where you can get to chat and meet new friends. The app also allows you to search for nearby Blendr users you can talk to or hang out with.

Just like the usual social apps from the Google Play Store, you will need a Blendr account to access the app. You can also use your Facebook account to log in. The app will also allow you to post your profile for other users to see. You can add your photos, add your interests, edit your personal information, and much more. You can also use this app to chat and get to know new friends online. The app also allows you to vote for users whom you think are interesting.

The Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Considering that this is a free app, I didn’t find any ad in the app’s interface. The app only requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee if you want to unlock some features in the app, such as seeing who voted for you and getting to chat with new users.

Ever been excited for an event yet anxious about not having a friend with you? Don’t let being lonely, socially awkward or feeling out of place at an event stop you from meeting new people! Part of the blessing of smartphones and social media is the ability to mingle without actually mingling. We’re familiar with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but what if we could take the networking and communicating aspect to the event you’re attending?

Atendra is an app that not only helps you get an idea of what the upcoming event is about but also makes connecting with people at events easy.

Sign up for an Atendra account and make your profile visible. You can then select an event you’ll be joining and see an overview of what the event is about. The venue will also be indicated on the event’s main screen, as well as indicated on a map. Atendra also allows you to view the list of participants and the event line up with their schedules. Tap on an event to learn more about it and maybe catch the interest of your friends by sharing an event to Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, read what other people are saying about the event by tapping on the Social tab. You’ll be shown the event’s official hashtag and everyone’s tweets about the event.

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered a shopping list app, and it certainly won’t be the last. The number of shopping list apps on the Google Play Store just goes to show that everyone needs help in organizing their weekly trips to the supermarket. What makes Shopping List by ginkgosoft a standout is a number of its features.

Start by making a shopping list. Tap on the pencil in the upper right corner of the screen to start adding items. Whenever you start typing an item in the item field, such as “ju” the app will give you suggestions to complete it, such as “fruit juice,” “orange juice,” and even “vegetable juice.” If the item you want is not on the list, you can keep typing to add it to your list.

You can move on to the price and the number of items you’re purchasing and its unit. Finally, add a note, such as the brand or any details that you’ll need to remember later. Tap Next if you have more items to add but if you don’t, just type OK.

Now that you see your list, keep your finger away from the Menu button. Shopping List’s real shining feature is its ability to organize your shopping list with the help of gestures. Draw a line with your fingertip to the right if you want to check an item off your list but if you realize you made a mistake, draw a line to the left. Organize your list by drawing an arrow head on the left portion of the screen to sort items by color, in the middle of the screen to sort by title and on right to sort by cost. An arrow head facing up sorts the list by ascending order and the arrow head facing down arranges items in descending order. You can also draw gestures to arrange items depending if they’ve been checked off the list or draw a circle to cancel sorting.

Shop or do the groceries efficiently. Check out some of the best grocery list apps for Android and the best Android apps for shoppers to find best deals.

Face it: being able to communicate with the people you care about and being able to do so many things on your mobile device means that you can get powerfully addicted to them. Who can blame you? You can keep in touch with your significant other miles away, or you can catch up with an old friend by talking about the newest trend in town. Having your mobile device in your hand is pretty obvious, though, and if your supervisor sees your phone glued to your hand when you have a report due in a few hours, your supervisor isn’t going to be very happy.

If you just can’t stop sending messages, don’t worry. Developers at Appjungs GmbH & Co. KG certainly understand, and that’s why they made makes it possible for you to access your phone via your web browser. You don’t have to install any companion desktop software on your computer. In fact, you don’t even need to connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable. Just a Wi-Fi connection will do. All you need to do is sign up via the app on your device, set a password if you like, and open on your web browser.

We tested it using an HTC Sensation and a Firefox browser on an Ubuntu machine. When a contact texted me, his message appeared on the web browser at almost the same time it arrived on my phone. That isn’t all that you can do. If you’ve registered your device via and you’ve lost it while you were out, log on to the page and locate your device. You can also activate the Spycam to see whatever your rear facing camera sees.

It was a great day for students and other people who engage in group projects on a regular basis when Google Documents with its live collaboration feature came into being. I certainly wished that it came out back when I was working on my undergraduate thesis, fixing various document inconsistencies, and collecting literally dozens of versions of the same project. Because of its success and improving work efficiency, it’s only natural that developers wanted to tap into the collaborative group project market. One such service that can help you get your group project together is Clinked.

The Clinked app for Android lets you access your Clinked group from your mobile phone so you can easily track updates even when you’re on the go. You’ll need to sign up for an account on Signing up is free and it will give you access to managing your work group from the website.

Whenever your group member uploads files, such as images, documents and what have you, you can view these via the Clinked app. You can also view any tasks that have been added as well as events. That way, even if you’re nowhere near a computer, for as long as you have an Internet connection, you can take part of your group discussion when you arrive at the meeting.

Being able to find restaurants and nightclubs in your area can be handy. Though, a lot of apps that promise to help you locate places tend to be rather limited to the countries they serve. Go Places, however, earns plus points in my book because it manages to locate restaurants in my country.

When you first launch the app, Go Places will give you an overview of its functions. When you get started and you’ve turned your device’s GPS on, you can start looking for locations according to suggested categories, such as food, entertainment, or interest, and let the app find places near you. Locations in your vicinity will be shown with their respective star ratings and distance from where you are.

Once you’ve picked, say, a restaurant, tapping on it lets you access its phone number, location on the map as well as the route to get there, and any available website. You can also share it with your friends via text, e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also save the place to My Places for access later.

The results that Go Places shows are limited, but you can access more places by purchasing plugins from the Google Play Store and by paying for them via Google Wallet.

If you have a small business and you would like to keep track of your employees’ time cards with the use of your Android device, Time Tracker – Time Recording will definitely be of great help to you.

This app is not really meant to be an alternative for a bundy clock or an electronic time-in system but you can use this app if you are giving a team of employees a project. With this app, you can track how long they have been working on the task, aiding you in assessing their performance.

Time Tracker – Time Recording helps you organize time records accordingly. You can set numerous elements to make your time-keeping as organized as possible. You can set the client, project, and what specific task is currently being accomplished.

At first use though, the app may seem confusing to use but once you’ve explored the app a bit more, you’ll be able to grasp how it works. You may also use this app for your own personal use, keeping track of how long it takes you to finish a project. From there, you can more or less estimate the time you’ll be needing if ever a new project comes.

Time Tracker – Time Recording can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Manage time cards in the most organized way with the use of this app on your Android device.

Every woman who ‘s into stylish makeup should have Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips on her Android device. Even males who are into makeup and beautifying should take a look at this app and get great makeup and beauty tips.

The app has a lot of content that can probably give you a different look each day of the year. The app features articles, tutorials, and videos that can help you achieve a certain look.

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips has a community of fellow makeup enthusiasts who can answer your queries about different kinds of makeup. Questions like “What’s the best bronzer?”, “Will a deep rouge-colored lipstick suit dark skin?”, “How long lasting is Max Factor’s lipstick?” are some questions you can post for answers in the app. If you have questions or you want advice about makeup, the app will certainly lead you to some answers.

The app also features products like fragrances, nail polish, skin care, and more. If only the app also included prices in the products section, this would totally be the most awesome beauty and makeup-related app on the Google Play Store.

Almost everything you need to know and learn about makeup and making yourself prettier is in this app. This app is for free so head on to the Google Play Store and download this app. It requires an Internet connection to fetch fresh content from the web.

If you ‘re also into clothes, fashion, and style, you might also be interested in some of the best fashion and style apps for Android.

Being a busy student will almost always equate to having numerous e-mails with lots of attachments from different classmates and teachers. I sometimes find it a bit of a nuisance to transfer some of the files I downloaded from an e-mail to my SD card, most especially when there is a mountain of them.

Good thing Download Pro is here. This app allows you to have your e-mail attachments placed in your SD card. It also downloads attachments your e-mail client or browser can’t normally handle.

The app is fairly easy to use, too. Once you receive an e-mail with an attachment, just click on the Save option placed below or beside the attachment. If you are prompted to use an application, select Download Pro. The app will then save the file to the folder you have set prior to opening the e-mail.

Having your files directly saved to your external SD card will save your phone from lagging because of too many files saved in its internal memory. At the very least, having your files in external memory will be more convenient especially when you need to bring your files somewhere else and you would not want to keep lugging your mobile device around.

Download Pro is a free app and is not ad-supported. Get this app now and manage your mail attachments the easy way.

Android is such a wondrous mobile platform. Every little need you have can and will be answered by an Android app and may even give you more functions than intended. Don’t get what I am talking about? Let’s take Flashlight – MEGA Flashlight as a good example.

Surely, the first time you read the app’s name will make you think that it’s just a plain app that makes use of the device’s LED light or the device’s screen as a light source. You are partly correct. Here’s the catch: it’s not just a flashlight, it’s also a police light, a strobe light, a warning light, and more.

This app is not only limited to aiding you see when it’s dark, especially when you go home during the wee hours of the evening. You can use this app as a strobe light for impromptu gatherings, a warning signal if your car breaks down on the street in the middle of the night, and a light for Morse code if, for instance, you get stuck in the middle of the sea while you were fishing.

Some of these situations may seem a little far-fetched but we never know, right? The best thing you can do is to download this free app to your Android device so when the situation calls for light that can save you, this app will be ready to use.

Be reminded though that this app is intended to be a tool for people to use, not abuse. Be careful about using it with people who might suffer from epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns. Make sure you don’t point the lights at them, especially when you make use of the strobe or Morse code feature of the app.

Get Flashlight – MEGA Flashlight for free and never get bruises and bumps from walking in the dark ever again.

Some calls from unknown numbers are legit, but many of such calls aren ‘t and are just annoying. Deal with such calls by using cBlocker for Android.

Having an unknown caller disrupt your time of rest or leisure is certainly something all of us don’t want to experience. Luckily, this app can keep those irritating unknown callers from reaching your numbers, giving you peace of mind.

cBlocker mainly blocks phone numbers that have been pestering you. You just have to add the numbers to the blocked list feature of the app. For example, if most of your contacts are from your workplace and you don’t want them calling you while you are on vacation, you can exclude them from the allowed list. Only numbers in the allowed list can get through to you. The rest can ‘t.

The app also allows you to make a private list of your incoming and outgoing calls. If, for some reason, you don’t want anyone to know that you ‘ve been having phone conversations with a certain person, you can add that person ‘s number to the private list. Call logs that contain that number, both incoming and outgoing, will be made private and only you can view them.

cBlocker can also be hidden from your phone if you don’t want certain people to accidentally find out that you’ve blocked their numbers. This app is very useful especially when you want to break away from annoying co-workers who keep calling you just to talk about nonsense.

This is a free app you can get from the Google Play Store so download the app today and block those numbers from calling you.

Did you find any useful or interesting app from our list of this week’s best new and fresh Android apps?  Which one did you not uninstall?  (LOL!)  Tell us about it in the comments below and cast your vote in the poll.

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