Math For Kids

Having little tots around the house calls for extra patience and extra hard work, especially when they are the types who just can’t sit down and behave. Kids today are actually somewhat lucky to have so many new things to play with, including smartphones and tablets.

Math For Kids is a very good app for your kid to play with using your Android device. It is an app that fuses both the elements of fun and education, sure to capture the attention of the young ones. Math For Kids consists of math problems involving basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Let your kid tap on the right answer and reveal a piece of the hidden picture behind the board of numbers. Cute pictures of various animals will be revealed if all the numbers on the board are cleared.The app only allows three mistakes before ending the game and also has a time limit in the form of a white bar located below the screen to test your little ones’ accuracy and speed in answering.

You can set the type of problems you want your child to answer, whether you want addition or subtraction to be practiced or you can have your kid practice answering a mix of all four mathematical operations. The difficulty level can also be set to either easy, normal, or hard.

Math For Kids is a great way to reinforce learning for the young ones in your household. The app is downloadable for free from the Google Play Store and does not have ads littering the screen.

Kids ABC 123

It is great to know that the Google Play Store also hosts apps dedicated to education and learning. There are many apps that you can download to your Android device that can help kids learn valuable and important information, just like Kids ABC 123.

Kids ABC 123 helps kids learn, remember, and pronounce the English alphabet as well as the numbers from 0-9. The app allows kids to trace the numbers and letters using their fingers. Each time the letter or number appears on the screen, a voice speaks it out, which gives kids an idea how the number or letter flashed on the screen should be pronounced.

Kids ABC 123 is a simple app with no frills whatsoever. It is dedicated to helping kids learn the 26 letters of the alphabet and one-digit numbers from 0 to 9. This app is a good starting point for kids to learn without you worrying if they might tear some pages off a book. With Kids ABC 123, they can trace letters and numbers over and over until they memorize and learn each of them.

This app is absolutely free but is ad-supported. Don’t worry, the ads are neatly placed on top and are not popping out from all corners of the screen. Download the app today and help your kids learn to write and pronounce numbers and letters with your Android device.

Music Sleep Timer

Some people love listening to music as a way of breaking off from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A lot of people also listen to music at night while they are waiting for the Sandman to put them to sleep and when they do, they forget to turn off the music on their device. This means that the music player keeps sucking up the battery, leaving the device dead in the morning.

If you still want to enjoy music until you fall asleep but want to preserve your device’s battery until you wake up, Music Sleep Timer is the app for you. Music Sleep Timer is an app that allows you to set a timer for the app to turn off the music on your Android device, especially when you are already dozing off to dreamland.

You can also choose to have the app lock your screen and turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off once the timer ends. If you have a rooted device, you can set the app to turn your screen off and even turn the device off once the timer reaches the time you set.

This app is also gives you the freedom to key in the time you want the app to turn the music off or turn your device off. If you think you’ll fall asleep in less than 5 minutes, just tap on the user-defined option to set your desired minutes before the app does its thing.

Music Sleep Timer is a an app you can install on your Android device for free. Download it today and never regret listening to music the night before.

DroidDia Diagrams for Android

Now it’s easier to make diagrams and conceptual frameworks on your Android device, minus the hassle of using a plain word processor app. DroidDia Diagrams for Android is an app you can use when you want to create diagrams for a report for school or for work.

DroidDia Diagrams for Android allows you to create flow charts, Venn diagrams, and other structured presentations using the app’s inbuilt shapes like boxes, icons, arrows, and a lot more. The app is fairly easy to use and is not hard to navigate.

You can export the diagram you made in the app as a PNG file and send it to your mail, Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, and a whole lot more. The shapes in the app can be easily resized to fit your preference. You just have to long press on the shape and a cluster of options will appear, allowing you to resize the shape, copy or delete it.

DroidDia Diagrams for Android comes in really handy when you have little time to spare in making diagrams at home. If you are a bit short on time and would want to create diagrams on-the-go, this app will certainly be of great help.

DroidDia Diagrams for Android can be downloaded for free. It has no annoying ads littering around and no push notifications that clutter your notifications bar.

gRadar Lite

If you are a traveler or a person who just loves going outdoors for adventure, you probably have experienced unexpected rain showers. This situation happens especially if you didn’t check the weather forecast for that day. Having an app that can help you detect and anticipate developing rain showers and even thunderstorms is one essential thing you should consider. gRadar Lite is one app that can help you in that area.

gRadar Lite is a weather app you can rely on. Why? Because it shows you radar images from various areas in the world to aid you in determining if storms are coming. If you want to know whether heavy precipitation is bound to pour down on your area, the app shows you radar images from radar sites all over the world.

Make sure to turn your GPS on so that the app can pinpoint your location. Check if the radar images show that rain may come pouring anytime soon. You can also view up to one hour worth of animated radar images that can help you tell if storms are about to cover your area.

gRadar Lite makes use of interactive maps from Google Maps where you can pan and zoom to any location. You can also configure the speed of the animated graphics, as well as the opacity of the radar. This app also has a paid version where 5-day weather forecasts are provided, as well as the temperature, pressure, and wind.

gRadar Lite is a free app with no ads. Download it today and say goodbye to the days when you have to run because of an unexpected rain shower.

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