Raise your hand if you’re socially awkward! One of the biggest problems with going out and trying to make friends with people at clubs or bars is that it’s just so difficult to strike up a conversation. You might be worrying over a hundred little things, such as is your hair okay, do you look funny, what if you stutter and make a fool of yourself?

Friendizer makes connecting with people much easier. Don’t know how you can approach a person at the bar? Worried that your social awkwardness will lead to more embarrassment and a night you’d rather not remember? No problem! Friendizer helps you set the mood even before you walk up to the person. Log in using your Facebook account, launch Friendizer and if you’re lucky, that individual shows up on the map. Tap on the little icon and send her or him a chat message via the person’s Profile. You can also send the person gifts like a Like, a star, a balloon, and many more. For each gift you give, you use up some of the coins that you have.

The more you use Friendizer, the more points and more coins you earn. You can also earn Achievements by buying friends, being bought, or sending gifts.

Friendizer worked well on our HTC Sensation but did not perform very well on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and repeatedly force-closed. The app is free and doesn’t have a single ad on it. Have fun connecting with other people!


Having multiple devices means being able to download and view files wherever you are but that also means you’ll need to exert more effort in syncing files so that every device that you have is up to date and has the things you need. You really don’t want to walk into a meeting and realize that you left your very important paperwork at home.

Cloud services, such as Dropbox, certainly made having files and being able to access them on different devices a reality, but here’s another app that might make your life easy. Bdrive injects a social touch into cloud services and allows you to add friends and share your files with them easily.

You can link more than one device to your Bdrive account so that the picture you snapped on your Nexus 7 can easily be saved on your Samsung Galaxy S2. If your friends have a BDrive account, add them up. For the most important ones, such as your romantic partner, your workmates or your family members, tap on the star to add them to your Favorites. Sharing files with them will be a breeze.

“But I already have a Dropbox account”, you say. Don’t worry, you can link your Dropbox account with your Bdrive account so you don’t need to open Dropbox’s own app to access your files.

BDrive works best if you download its desktop companion software. The mobile app is free to download and doesn’t contain a single ad.


Ever felt all alone in the world? It’s pretty easy to feel like you can’t relate to anyone, but the simple assurance that there are other people who are interested in the same things can greatly lift our spirits. That’s the concept behind MindRadar, an app that lets you use your Android device’s GPS to scan for like-minded individuals in your area.

You’ll be indicated by an orange figure on the world map and you’ll start out with the status and role, “I’ve got mind radar.” If people were using MindRadar earlier and they shared the same status and role as you did, you’ll see white silhouettes on the map. If they’re currently online, you’ll see them in blue.

MindRadar runs in the background and will notify you when someone who shared the same status as you is in the area. If you’re feeling pretty lonely, tap on Change Status and see some of the default status messages that MindRadar has. When you tap on the status, you can see how many people have that as their status message and other status tags. If you want to make your own status, you’ll need to log in to MindRadar’s website.

Unfortunately, when we tested it, the only other user in my vicinity was our Galaxy S2 test device. There aren’t a lot of MindRadar users yet so you might have a hard time finding other people in your area.

ICS Barcode Scanner

For the person who considers aesthetics to be very important, the ICS Barcode Scanner is quite a charming piece of work. Just as it suggests, it has the holo-theme that is characteristic of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. From the moment you launch it, it’s easy to notice that the user interface is clean and you don’t have to jump straight into scanning. You can choose between scanning a code or decoding from an image.

ICS Barcode Scanner also lets you enjoy more than just a scanner. The things you’ve scanned in the past are stored under the History tab. Sharing data is also easy. Choose to share an Application, a Bookmark, a Contact, or something from your Clipboard and the ICS Barcode Scanner will generate a QR code for you. If you want to be sneaky and encode secret messages in QR codes, the ICS Barcode Scanner lets you type in text. Got a picture of a QR code? No problem. Decode it using the Decode from an Image option.

For a real Ice Cream Sandwich experience, tap the Options button and select the Dark Style. Now we’re really feeling the Ice Cream Sandwich essence.

Though ICS Barcode Scanner may not bring anything new to the table, it’s definitely attractive and does its job well. We managed to scan, decode and share data several times and it worked like a charm on all occasions.


When we lead a really busy lifestyle and we’re juggling being a student, an employee and being a family member, it can get pretty hard to track calls and messages. On an average day, you might get somewhere between 10 to 30 messages and maybe 5 to 10 calls. You can easily lose track of who called you when and at what time, but sometimes, we need to backtrack and trace important exchanges.

Say you were expecting a call from a company you applied to or you want to check the texts your project group mates sent you but you need to dig deep into well over a hundred calls and texts. That would consume way too much time and energy and you might just end up giving up. Hold on because there’s an app that might help you! LazyLog allows you to be, well, lazy and will help you narrow your search.

Launch the app and set a time frame for logs that you want to retrieve. You could cast your net wide, indicating a few months ago until today, or you could be super specific, punching in the last 24 hours. If you get a huge mess of SMS and call logs, pull up the Log Filter Option menu from the bottom of the screen and tick and untick boxes of your choice. Only want to view Incoming calls but not Outgoing or Missed? No problem. You can even specify only messages Sent or Received. Suspecting a stalker? Select Unknown under the Number type.

LazyLog is available for free from the Google Play Store and does not contain any ads.

Carl Parker
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