Prime Budget – Free

Being on a tight budget really calls for good management skills. It is rather difficult to keep track of your expenses especially when you are someone who spends like a millionaire one day and ends up dirt poor the next.

Prime Budget – Free is an app you should have on your Android device. Why? Because with this, you may be able to control your expenses and save hundreds compared to when you were just carelessly splurging your earnings.

Prime Budget – Free has four tabs — Dashboard, Balance, Expenses, and Income. Each tab allows you to key in information that will help you keep track of your expenses within the budget you allotted. The Dashboard tab shows you a line graph that presents your balance projection and it also shows your transactions, both pending and upcoming.

The remaining three tabs are very useful especially when you plan to budget your upcoming salary. Make use of this app during holiday shopping if you feel you have too many people to give gifts to and little money to spend.

Get Prime Budget – Free today and worry no more about managing your tight budget. The app is downloadable for free and although it has ads, they are neatly placed in one corner, far from accidental presses.

Sketch ‘Em

Painters and artists are just some of the most amazing people in my eyes. Just like musicians, they can convey their feelings and thoughts through the use of colors, charcoal, canvas, brushes, and of course, strokes and lines.

If you are aching to try sketching or painting but you are a bit skeptical of your skills, Sketch ‘Em may be of help to you.

Sketch ‘Em is a free app that can help bring out the artist in you. Don’t worry, this app guides you in drawing different things which you can put colors on later.

The app has two inbuilt drawing packs included for free: the Dinosaur pack and the Anime pack. Each pack has drawings you can follow according to difficulty, may it be an easy-to-follow drawing to a more complicated one.

The drawings can be traced using the app’s inbuilt pen tool, modeled after the Samsung Galaxy Note’s S Memo app. The tools that S Memo has can also be found in this app. Although Sketch ‘Em is optimized for the S Pen, you can still enjoy this app without it.

Drawings you have learned or created can be shared to your friends via Facebook and Twitter. Show your friends and family what you have been learning to draw.

Get the free Sketch ‘Em app from the Google Play Store. The app is ad-supported but the ads are neatly placed on a small area and they don’t appear once you start drawing.

Live Wallpaper Manager

Live wallpapers surely are great additions to Android tablets and phones. They make the devices livelier and more fun to look at. And, because of that, tons and tons of live wallpapers are available for every kind of person. Because of that, Live Wallpaper Manager is one essential app to have if you have a lot of live wallpapers on your device.

If you want to easily switch from one live wallpaper to another without going through a series of taps on your device, Live Wallpaper Manager does the job. Have the app on your home screen to immediately launch it if you feel like changing your live wallpaper.

The app has a list of all the live wallpapers you have so everything you need is in one place. The app also allows you to uninstall a live wallpapers with less hassle. Just one tap on the trash bin icon and that particular live wallpaper will be completely removed from your device.

The app is so simple to use that you wouldn’t mind having a lot of live wallpapers on your device. Why worry when you have Live Wallpaper Manager to help you?

The app is absolutely for free. Install this app today and manage your live wallpapers efficiently.

Let It Shop – Shopping List

Here’s one app that not only homemakers will love but also those who love shopping with a budget. Let It Shop – Shopping List is a useful app for people who tend to forget important things to buy and those who dislike bringing lists and clunky calculators with them.

Let It Shop – Shopping List has it all. The app is a list and a calculator. Make your grocery list in the app and later, when you get to the grocery store, you can use the same app to calculate the prices of your grocery items.

Key in what you need to buy, how many packs, pieces or bottles, and how much one unit costs. For example, if you want to buy 3 packs of bread crumbs for $2.50 each, just key in the quantity and the price. The app will do all the calculating for you.

Tap on items you already placed in your cart and they will be crossed out on the list. When you are ready to head to the counter, tap on the Total option of the app so you can prepare your money even before the cashier rings up your grocery items.

Let It Shop – Shopping List is for free and has no push notifications that litter your notification bar. Download the app to your Android device and never go grocery shopping or any other shopping activity without it.

Caller Info Plus

This one’s an app with a mission. A mission to make you aware of a certain number that has been calling you since forever. And, because it is an unknown number, you’ve never bothered saving the number to your contacts to monitor if they call again.

Why would you save an unknown contact to your contacts list when you don’t even know if it’s a stalker or, worse, a rabid fan? Some of us don’t really want to go the extra mile to take note of unknown numbers. We don’t need to, especially when Caller Info Plus is here to do the work.

Caller Info Plus can be considered a place where you can list down annoying unknown numbers that call you even in the wee hours of the night. Save the number in the app together with a note. The next time that number calls, you will be informed by the app that this number is that same number that’s been bugging you.

The app also informs you of the last time that unknown number called you. Once the unknown number you saved in the app calls you again, a small notification below will show you the note you have saved and how many months, weeks, days or minutes ago the number last called.

With this app, you will be sure not to accidentally pick up calls from people or numbers you don’t know. Have this app installed on your device and be reminded of those annoying numbers that disturb your sleep or your work.

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