The well of Android apps never runs dry.  It may slow down to a trickle sometimes, but it never dries up.  New and fresh Android apps gush forth from that well everyday, watering the parched throats of Android fans thirsting for a cold and refreshing sip from that stream of fresh apps.

We fetched a small bucketful of new Android apps for you, and we hope you will find their newness refreshing.

In this September 14 issue of our weekly roundup of the best new and fresh Android apps of the week, we introduce to you a new app for

  • listing down and gathering more info about places that you want to visit;
  • voice-assisted smartphone operations, with a gorgeous female virtual assistant;
  • getting out of the sedentariness in the workplace;
  • tracking and computing each group member’s contribution to a group expense;
  • monitoring your cardio and gym workout progress;
  • reading your cloud-stored ebooks conveniently and easily;
  • simple, no-frills note-taking;
  • one-tap access to your Facebook account’s different sections right on the app’s main screen;
  • quickly building your shopping list, sans the typing;
  • calculating discounts when you go shopping;
  • budgeting and keeping track of expenses;
  • guided sketching, drawing, and painting/coloring;
  • managing your live wallpapers easily;
  • keeping a grocery list and calculating the total bill for the items in your shopping cart; and
  • displaying info/notes about known and unknown phone callers.

Go ahead and take a sip from the well of Android apps.  Try these new apps of the week.  At the end of this post, tell us which three apps you liked best by casting your vote in the poll.


The WannaGoList app is a travel wish list and guide for your Android device. This app lets you search for any place in the world, read its description, and mark it as one of the places that you wish to visit. You can also discover new and exciting places with this app.

The app has four main sections: the You Were Here list, Your Wish List, Recommended Places, and Search for Places. You can go to different sections by simply swiping left or right on the screen. The interface also features a magazine-like design and is easy on the eyes.

To begin looking for a place, you can either look under the Recommended Places section or manually type it in the search bar. Tapping on a place will then bring you to a page where you can find more information about that location. You can see an image of that place, a map, and brief information from Wikipedia. You can also find buttons above to mark the place on your wish list or mark it as “been there.”

The WannaGoList app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Surprisingly, I did not find any ads on the app’s interface. The app, however, needs to add more places in its database. I tried searching for Rome and the app wasn’t able to locate it. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and beautiful travel wish list app, then the WannaGoList app might be perfect for you.

My Assistant

Some Android phones have an in-built voice assistant that helps you with a lot of things. There’s SVoice on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Siri on the iPhone 4S. But, do you notice the similarities of these two voice assistants? Both don’t have any virtual avatar that would make your phone assistant more realistic. The My Assistant app is a new voice assistant app for your Android phone and it places a gorgeous virtual lady assistant named Nikol on your phone.

Just like any voice assistant app, you can perform commands by using your voice. You can tell Nikol to open an app, search for something on the web, or ask her for a food shop nearby. The app also allows you to add your favorite contacts so you can easily call them by telling Nikol. Nikol is also smart and very fast when responding to commands.

Aside from executing commands, you can also interact with your personal assistant. You can ask for her name, her age, or just simply say hello. You can tap the question mark symbol at the upper right portion of the screen to view a list of commands you can ask Nikol to do. You can also suggest a new command to the developers by tapping the button with a plus sign.

The My Assistant app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. I also did not find any ad in the background, which is a good thing considering that this is a free app.

Office Workout: Exercises

Having enough exercise is important to maintain optimal health for your body. But, when your work involves just sitting for hours in front of a computer, you may not get the sufficient exercise that your body needs. I’m a writer and I sit for hours reading and writing in front of a computer. There are also millions of people like me who just sit for hours at the office or at home, forgetting that the body needs to be taken care of, too.

With this type of work, we may be at risk of certain medical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, or even at risk of heart disease. Technology has promoted the sedentary lifestyle. But, we can also use it to promote our health by using the Office Workout: Exercises app.

This app will teach you some tips and exercises that you can do while your are working in the office. The app has different exercises with steps and images to guide you on how to do it. You can also set the starting time and interval so the app can remind you to perform a certain exercise every 30 minutes or every hour.

The ads-supported Office Workout: Exercises app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will appear below or above the app’s interface but won’t hinder you from using the app.


During a group outing or activity, every member of the group must contribute an equal amount of money. But, there are times that one has to spend more than the others. It is a tiring job to monitor the expenses of the group, giving all your attention to your group’s expenses rather than enjoying your group outing. This is where the iouo app comes into action. With this app, you can easily monitor your group’s expenses and the app will automatically compute the amount each member needs to pay.

This app is really helpful when you want to monitor your expenses in a group. For instance, if you’re going out on a beach outing, you can add the amount of each member’s contributions in the app. After putting in all the expenses, the app will then automatically compute each member’s portion. In this way, you won’t need to bring a paper and calculator during your outing. Just type in the amount and let the app do the rest.

The ad-free iouo app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.


To maintain a proper figure, we go to the gym and do some crunches to burn the fat. If you’re a hardcore gym addict and want to monitor your gym progress, you can download the GymXP on your Android device and make the app your gym diary. This app will help you monitor your calories, record the number of hours of your workout sessions, your body measurements, and much more.

The app allows you to record your cardio and gym workouts. In cardio, you will see a list of different cardio exercises such as cycling, jogging, boxing, Zumba, and many more. You will also need to fill out certain data such as your heart rate, distance, calories, and duration of exercises. The same goes with your gym workout. You will need to choose a workout for a specific muscle group and the workout name. You can also type the number of repetitions and the weight for that exercise. Once you have acquired enough data, the app will show your data on a bar graph so you can visually see the difference or output between different exercise sessions.

To monitor your progress, the app can also store and save your body measurements such as your weight, height, chest size, shoulder size, waist, and much more. This will help you see whether your fitness program is really working or you need to do more.

The ads-supported GymXP can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will only appear at the bottom of the screen and won’t disturb you while interacting with the app. I also received push notification ads while using the app. The app also needs some work on utilizing the entire screen of wider screen devices such as the Galaxy S3.