Panic Button

Developed by SMARTnav Ltd, Panic Button turns your Android device into a real panic button and notifies your loved ones when you need help. No icon will appear on your device. You can configure up to three emergency numbers. To call for help, press the Power button four consecutive times to let the app do its functions. The app sends messages to the number you have set together with the location of your device and calls the numbers to notify them. A link will redirect them to Google Maps, pinpointing where you are or where your device is. The app will only work if your device has data connection enabled or your device is connected to the Internet. Get help when you’re in a panic; try Panic Button free from the Google Play Store.



Gravity Screen Off Pro

Using your Android’s proximity sensor, Plexnor’s Gravity Screen Off Pro automatically turns your device’s screen on and off. The app automatically locks your screen if it detects that the device is in your pocket and turns on the screen if the device is out of the pocket. The app has several options for how or when to lock/unlock the screen. Try Gravity Screen Off Pro for about 2 dollars from the Google Play Store. A free version is available, too.

Download Gravity Screen Off for less from the Google Play Store today and save yourself from the hassle of locking and unlocking your device’s screen, especially when you have so much on your hands.



Pocket Clock

Gone are the days when you have to stop walking just to check your device for the time. Watches won’t be necessary anymore, too, as well if you have Pocket Clock by ru3ch initiative installed on your Android device. The app reads the time out loud for you — just wake up your device and shake it. Shake sensitivity can be configured according to your personal preference. Shake for the time with Pocket Clock, free for download from the Google Play Store.



Encrypt and Send

If you don’t want other people to read your messages, you’ll probably like Encrypt and Send by Nino Rush. It encrypts the messages you send. Just compose a message using the app, set a key, encrypt your message, and send it through various ways like email, Facebook, Google+, and even your device’s Messaging function. Your message receiver also needs to have the app installed, or else the received message will not be decoded or decrypted. Fortify your messaging privacy with Encrypt and Send, downloadable for free from the Google Play Store.



Velox File Manager

Sorting and organizing files have become easy tasks, thanks to Velox File Manager by VeloxDev. This is a powerful file manager that also allows you to choose applications you can open a file with. Besides that, you can search a file by typing in the file or folder name, or even the file extension. You can also sorting your files according to storage. Try this app for free from the Google Play Store.

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