Instant Collages

The developers at GamePind let you make collages easily without having to sit at a computer and break out the image editing programs. You won’t need to spend hours agonizing over layouts and trying to wring your brain for creativity. Instant Collages does what it says on the tin. Simply choose images from your gallery and the app will let you choose a layout for the collage. Move and resize images by just dragging them on the screen. When you’re pleased with your results, save the image and share it with friends on Facebook, Instagram, and more. The app is free for download from the Google Play Store but is ad-supported.




Feeling lonely on a Friday night? Wondering where all your friends are? CROWDIT by Carlsberg Breweries A/S will make sure that you’ll have somewhere and someone to hang out with. Log in with Facebook and you can see the last places your friends checked in. See what’s new on your Newsfeed or what’s happening at your favorite places. You can also check out your friends’ routes and the places they visit, as well as share some of your own.

Unfortunately, at this time, the app doesn’t have a comprehensive list of places for all countries. In the next few months, however, it may have more places for you to check out. Know where your friends are and what’s happening near you with the ad-supported CROWDIT app, free for download from the Google Play Store.



Drinking diary

A drink now and then is good but if you overdo it, you could get into big trouble and land yourself in the hospital. If you don’t keep a tight rein over how much you drink, you could find yourself ingesting more alcohol than you’ve intended. Drinking diary by Drive Production will allow you to monitor how much you’re drinking the next time you go out to socialize with friends. There’s no need for you to manually input any numbers because all you need to do is tap on the size and type of the glass of the drink you’ve just had.

You can also use the Drinking diary to locate pubs in your area. Unfortunately for us, the app wasn’t very accurate about locating the pubs in our city. We’re hoping the developers will provide more accurate information in the future. Try this free ad-supported app from the Google Play Store today.



Open your eyes – Camera Alarm

Reduce rolling over right after you hit snooze on your alarm with the Open your eyes – Camera Alarm. Style J.’s alarm clock app is unique because to shut it up, you’ll need to show the app that you’re awake. The app will detect your eyes for a set number of seconds before it will give you the option to stop it. If you’re the stylish (or nerdy) type and you have your hair in your face, I recommend getting it out of the way or else the app won’t recognize both your eyes. Don’t blink because if you do, you’ll need to start from the very beginning of the counter. Now that you’re up, get up to speed with news updates you can find on Open your eyes – Camera Alarm’s homescreen. This app is free to download but it’s also ad-supported.



Shot Designer

This app is perfect for both indie and professional directors. Sometimes you need to illustrate the point you want your actors to get and you might have to look for a whiteboard to draw it on, but with Shot Designer, developed by Hollywood Camera Work LLC, you can work on your blocking and scene building right from your device. You won’t be working with static images and leave the scene up to the imagination either. You can animate your subjects and your cameras so you can visualize the scene in advance and better convey what you want to your actors and performers.



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