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New and fresh Android apps of the week (October 12 issue)

October 12, 2012

It’s a hectic week down here at Android Authority, and we bet we’re not the only ones bustling about making the world a bit better, byte by byte.  In fact, Android app developers are working 24/7 around the world to provide us with new and fresh Android apps.

In this second week of October, we handpicked some from this week’s batch of new and fresh Android apps on the Google Play Store.  We found these apps useful, interesting, or entertaining, and we hope you feel the same way.  In this post, get to know about an app for

  • polishing your English grammar;
  • making you laugh and smile through memes and funny photos;
  • viewing 3D photos of microscopic objects;
  • working out your phrasal verb muscle;
  • baking and getting nearly everything you need to know about baking;
  • taking photos of your notes and organizing them;
  • managing a to-do list;
  • staying up to date with recent custom ROM releases from the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP);
  • keeping track of your luggage and suitcases when you travel;
  • keeping track of rain and storms in the Philippines and avoid flood-prone areas;
  • organizing your tasks in every school subject;
  • automatically turning on Speaker mode when receiving calls;
  • remembering and never forgetting;
  • capturing videos secretly; and
  • reading your SMS messages out loud.

End your week by checking out these apps, and then let us know what you think of them.

Grammar App by Tap To Learn

If you want to teach your kids proper English grammar without boring them, try Grammar App by Tap To Learn. Developed by TapToLearn, this app will help your kids learn the different parts of speech, proper use of punctuations, basic grammar, and writing rules. The app also has a Video tab that allows you to watch video grammar tutorial. This tab will need an Internet connection because you will be directed to the app’s YouTube app. Aside from teaching grammar, the app also allows you to take tests and measure your grammar skills.

Get Grammar App by Tap to Learn for free and ad-free from the Google Play Store.

Laughter is the best medicine. The developers at i-Entertain believes so, too. That is why they created the app i-Entertain to make your heart laugh. This app compiles various pictures of memes and epic fail pictures in one app. You will be able to see cute animals, people doing funny stuff, and a lot more pictures with memes. Aside from funny pictures, the app will also add to your knowledge by providing cool and interesting “do-you-know” facts. An Internet connection is needed to use the app, which you can get for free and without ads from the Google Play Store.

There are substances or creatures that cannot be seen through the naked eyes. We use the microscope to see them. Thanks to the Online Science Classroom, you can now see these tiny objects without the need of a microscope. Science – Microcosm 3D allows you to see 3D images of cells, viruses, and other organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye. All you need to do is to swipe to the desired measurement and the 3D model of that same dimension will appear on the screen. You can also tap the More button to get more information about that image. The free but limited version of the app is available on the Google Play Store.

Having a hard time with verbs? Use eggdeng’s PhrasalVerbWorkout to sharpen your knowledge of English verbs. The app has a large database of verbs, which you can use to study and learn the proper use of verbs. Once you get familiar with the verbs, you can test your skills by performing workout sets requiring you to supply the right verbs to the given sentences. Start your phrasal verb training (and undisturbed by ads) by buying PhrasalVerbWorkout for about US$4.00 from the Google Play Store.

If you and your oven are inseparable, you’re probably a bake-a-holic. The devs at Beeconomics also love to bake, and they’ve released The Baker App for everyone who loves to bake. This simple app allows you to save your recipes and ingredients right on your Android device. No need for you to keep your recipes on cards stored in a box. You can also monitor and keep track of your ingredients within the app. The app also allows you to buy recipes from famous bakers. Enjoy the ad-free and free The Baker App from the Google Play Store.

Bring your handwritten notes everywhere you go by snapping a picture of them using Cam note, developed by Active Soft Unlimited (UK). After you snap a shot of your notes, give it a title for easy identification and tag it for organization.

For best results, use the special Cam note notepad so that the app will only scan in your notes and not the background. If you don’t have the special Cam note paper, however, just any type of paper will do. Simply use Manual Mode to capture your notes. You can also upload your notes to Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive from your device.

Cam note is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Developers at Chimaerea are here to remind you of the things you need to do. With the ad-free Chm Task List: To Do List Free app, you can punch in your to-dos, categorize them, enter the date they’re due, set their importance, and make sure to show them to you when you need them.

View your tasks for this week or see all your important tasks in another tab. When Start date and time you’ve set are near, the app will buzz to remind you. Some of the misspelled tags, however, such as “Healt” and “Bussines” may need to be fixed.

If you love staying up to date on the latest AOKP releases, Kangerator is the app for you. You no longer need to track your favorite AOKP threads on the XDA Developers forums. Adamthecashew’s Kangerator will keep you up to speed.

Read the change logs on Kangerator the moment they appear on and you can choose between AndroidTransfer and to download the ROM of your choice. You can also enjoy the auto-update checker when you boot your device, daily, when you launch the app or manually.

Kangerator is free but ad-supported. You can disable ads but any money made off the ads goes towards the AOKP server and build box.

If you’ve ever put off packing until the night before your trip, you’ll know the adrenaline rush of panic and the subsequent punch in the gut of forgetting an extremely important item. Say goodbye to forgetfulness because the Luggage & Suitcase Checklist will make sure that you won’t forget a single bag or item for your much-deserved vacation.

Pop this app open when you’re packing for your trip to make sure that you don’t leave a single item behind. Developed by EBAK Mobile, the Luggage & Suitcase Checklist is a vital app for the traveller who packs in a hurry or who tends to forget things. Enter your trip, the bags you’re bringing, and enter the items you’ll be taking with you.

You can purchase Luggage & Suitcase Checklist from the Google Play Store for $1.01.

Filipinos know that when it rains, it pours. Or, in the case of some really heavy rain, it floods. That’s why the Project NOAH app is a must-have for the Filipino who needs the information that Project NOAH provides on the go. It is also a must-have for travelers to the Philippines who want to keep track of downpours in the archipelago.

Developed by the Department of Science and Technology, the app lets Filipinos and anyone who lives in the flood-prone areas of the Philippines get updates from the weather bureau,, and PAGASA-FFWS. You can also prepare for typhoons by checking out the Typhoon Forecast. The app includes a list of emergency hotlines. Get Project NOAH for free from the Google Play Store.

Being a student almost always calls for juggling mountains of tasks from numerous subjects. Organizing assignments per subject is one way to keep track of the things you still have to do, and luckily, the Subjects app can be of great help.

Developed by Alex Lavrinenko, it is an app that lets you organize your class schedules, assignments, and tasks in one convenient place. You won’t need to scramble for your notebook just to check when your term paper is due or if the assignment you are working on is already complete. With the use of your Android device, all the tasks from your subjects can be neatly organized to help you keep track of the things you still need to accomplish.

Subjects can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and has no ads littering about.

Now you can toggle between turning the speaker on and off during a call without pressing your device’s Speaker option. Auto Speaker from HH Group is indeed automatic. During a call, the speaker option will automatically be enabled once you have your device away from your ear. Bringing your device near your ear again will turn the speaker option off.

A small icon during the call will appear, giving you the freedom to turn the service off or on. You can set where you want the icon to appear when you receive or make a call. Auto Speaker is downloadable for free and is absolutely ad-free, too.

Making a list of things you need to buy from the groceries will actually save you time and energy compared to just randomly barging in and spending almost an hour trying to remember what you went there for. Stop forgetting and start remembering using your Android device armed with Don’t forget – mind list by Polo.

Don’t forget – mind list is a free and simple app that lets you make checklists of things — groceries, tasks, assignments, projects, and more. You can also opt to make your lists using the speech-to-text function of the app, especially on some days when you don’t really feel like tapping on your device’s keyboard.

With the Hidden Video Spy Recording app by terobel, you can record videos for free without showing the viewfinder on your phone’s screen. All it takes is to launch the app. The app itself sits very discreetly among your other apps in the drawer, but if you know that HVSR stands for the app’s name, you’d know which icon to tap whenever you need to record videos discreetly. To stop recording, just tap the app’s icon again. Recorded videos are saved in your device’s external SD card, an added point to all the stealthiness going on.

Have your messages read out loud to you instead of reading them yourself with your tired eyes. Talkative, developed by Alex Richards, is a very useful tool for you to still know the contents of your SMS messages without actually reading them. The app can be a life-saver while you’re driving or cooking in the kitchen. Just activate the read-out-loud button in the app, and all your incoming messages will be spoken as they arrive. Give your eyes a much-needed break with the free Talkative app from the Google Play Store.

What do you think of these new apps on the Google Play Store?  Is there one in this batch that caught your attention?  Let us know by leaving a comment and voting in the poll below.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez, Dan Evans, and Elmer Montejo; banner image uses Flickr photo “Andy’s day out” by Scott Akerman)

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