Popcorn Player (float pop-up)

Here’s an unconventional way of watching your videos on your Android device. Instead of launching your stock video player or any other player for that matter, why don’t you try using Popcorn Player (float pop-up)?

This video player app, when launched, plays a video in the form of a floating pop-up window. You can choose to have the app on your home screen so when you want to watch a video, the app can play it without even leaving the home screen. Once you launch the app, it will let you choose whether you want to play a video from the Internet through providing the video’s URL or play a video locally from your internal or external SD card.

What’s great about this video player app is that you can easily resize the screen to fit your viewing preference. Just pinch and spread the screen to have it as big or as small as you want. While you are resizing the screen, the video still plays in real-time; no lagging or skipping.

Popcorn Player (float pop-up) is a faster way to view video files in your Android device. The app also allows you to launch two pop-up video players that can play two different videos simultaneously. This app can be downloaded for free so get it today and start watching your videos in a rather different way.

Secret Audio Recording Free

If you are currently trying to expose somebody or trying to find out the truth about an issue, this app may be able to help you gather valuable information that you can’t just obtain through normal questioning.

Secret Audio Recording Free, from the name itself, records voices and audio discreetly. The app doesn’t even have a user interface or settings to configure, adding up to its secrecy. Launching this app is also almost so hidden that you don’t have to worry about being found out that you were recording something.

You can place the app on your homescreen so you can readily launch it when needed. A small, not too noticeable notification that the recording is starting will be shown below the screen, as well as when you tap the app again to stop the recording. You can lock your device’s homescreen and the recorder will still continue to record.

Secret Audio Recorder’s recorded audio quality is actually pretty good. The audio is clear, not much noise or hissing. The app takes up a rather small space on your device; the recorded audio files don’t take up much storage, too. You would know where your recording is saved after you tap on the app to stop the recording and a small notification box will inform you of the file directory.

Rage Comic Reader

Rage faces are just everywhere. They are very entertaining and fun to look at especially when you have so much stress building up. If you are a fan of these rage faces and you’ve downloaded apps that have them, add Rage Comic Reader to your collection.

Rage Comic Reader is an app that lets you read amusing comics starring no other than the various faces you see on 9GAG. Fans will surely love this app because they can read comics right then and there, with the use of their Android devices, of course.

This app requires an Internet connection so that it can provide you the top, new, and hot rage comics the rest of the world is reading. The app is fairly easy to navigate around. You have the option to zoom in to the comic you are reading if you are having a hard time seeing the text and photos.

Rage Comic Reader is the perfect app for you to at least have a bit of fun and entertainment after a long day at work or school. You can even start reading instantaneously, just as long as you have an Internet connection. The app is ad-supported but the ads do not obstruct you from reading the comics.

Votter: The Social Voting App

Want to know what people think about a certain issue? Votter: The Social Voting App does that job well. From the app’s name, you can more or less get what this app does. Yes, it allows you to vote on polls made by other people. But, that doesn’t stop there.

Votter: The Social Voting App also allows you to create your own poll and have other people participate. Know what they think about the coming elections or what they think is the best movie of the year by making your own poll together with the choices they can vote on. This app may actually be of great use if you are conducting a school project that entails the use of surveying, provided that your respondents can be chosen randomly.

The app presents the existing polls made by other users according to categories. You’ll also be able to see the trending and most recent polls that other users are participating in.

This app has an option where you can send a complaint about a certain poll. If you think that a particular poll is offensive or the choices are too biased, you can send a “blotter” so that the author of the poll will be notified of his poll’s content.

Votter: The Social Voting App is for free. Have this app installed in your Android device and share your opinions on various topics with other people.

Reference Resource FREE

If you are the type who dislikes lugging around clunky and bulky reference books, or if you have not yet checked out any of the best general reference apps for Android, it’s high time that you use your Android device and this awesome app.

Reference Resource FREE is an app that has all the necessary resources you’ll ever need for your projects, write-ups, school assignments, and a lot more. If you need to find the definition of a certain term, just launch this app and use its dictionary. If you need to find a word’s synonym, use the app’s thesaurus. And, if you need to know a certain thing’s history, you can use the app’s encyclopedia.

You can do away with launching several apps just to get information about a certain topic. With this app, you can cut off the time you spend in accomplishing tasks that use the dictionary or encyclopedia.

Another plus this app has is its Daily Dose feature where a featured word, quote, and article of the day are available. You get to learn a new word, read an interesting article, and get inspiration from quotes each and every day. You can also share these little pieces of knowledge to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social means.

Reference Resource FREE is, of course, a free app you can download from the Google Play Store. This can potentially be an app to help you bid goodbye to the other reference apps you have in your Android device. Why install a lot when you will just need this one app? Reference Resource FREE has it all.

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