The work week ends today (for some of us, that is), and what better way to cap it off than to check out some of the new and fresh Android apps of the week.

There’s something nice about exposing oneself to fresh stuff at a time when nerves have grown tight and muscles are sore from all the mental and physical exertion at work or in school.  This post is all about that — freshness and newness.

In this August 24 roundup of the best new and fresh Android apps of the week, we’ll talk a bit about an app for

  • staying clear of vehicular accidents,
  • setting custom ringtones befitting a corporate workplace,
  • web browsing without hogging your device’s storage or resources too much,
  • listening to online music,
  • preventing others from snooping into your SMS messages,
  • measuring how fast you’re walking/running or how far you’ve walked/run,
  • one-tap switching of settings or phone profiles,
  • simple but esthetically pleasant music playback,
  • editing photos, making photo collages, and sharing them on Facebook,
  • quickly learning the Latina musical notation system counterparts of the English musical notation system,
  • playing videos on floating windows on the homescreen,
  • recording audio and voice conversations discreetly,
  • reading rage-face comic strips,
  • creating and casting votes in custom social polls, and
  • looking up information through an all-in-one (or so) reference.

Go ahead and check out these new and fresh Android apps of the week.  They’re all yours for the taking.


One of the causes of road accidents is using the phone while driving. It is always advised not to text or answer calls while driving. But, since we live in a very hectic environment, we are usually tempted to answer the phone or reply to our text messages. The DriveOFF app sees these driving hazards and promotes safety by killing all your notifications sounds while you are driving. It will also launch a background, blocking your view of your phone’s screen.

To use this app, all you need to do is launch it, select a background, and it will automatically activate when you start driving. The app utilizes your phone’s GPS. Once you have reached the speed of 10 mph, the app will kill all notification sounds on your phone. You will also get to choose a “boring background” when launching the app. Once you start driving, the app will display the background on your phone’s screen. You can also press the Stop button to disable the app and use your phone when you really need to.

DriveOFF can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The app’s interface is clean and I didn’t find any ads running on the background. The app also won’t require you to grant suspicious permissions.

Office Ringtones Professional

One of the perks of having an Android phone is that it can be easily be customized. You can add your own third-party keyboards, install Android launchers, and customize your phone’s ringtones. If you’re looking for an app that lets you choose a phone ringtone suitable for a corporate environment, you can try the Office Ringtones Professional app on your Android phone. This app is like a ringtone hub that lets you choose a variety of ringtones and set them on your Android phone.

Launching the app will bring you to a list of ringtones and notification sounds. You can find techy beep sounds or the ringing sound of classic telephones. You can also find calming ringtones such as that of running water or the singing wind chimes that will calm your nerves while working in the office. You can listen to the tone by tapping the play button for each sound. Once you have made your choice, you can set the tone as your ringtone, alarm, or notification tone; you can also assign it to a specific contact directly from the app. You can also tap the heart to set a specific tone as a favorite and place it on the Favorites tab.

Office Ringtones Professional can be downloaded for free but displays ads at the bottom at the screen. The app also doesn’t require any suspicious permissions.


Simplicity is beautiful. If you have an eye for a simple, minimalist designed, easy-to-use, and friendly user interface, then you will most likely love the Lite.Browser app for your Android device. It is so light that the app is just only 187 kB. This app won’t surely clog up your Android device. If you don’t need the complicated options, swiping gestures, and all other gimmicks on your other browsers, then you should definitely try this browser.

The app is just like the default web browser, except that it doesn’t have an address bar on top. You might be wondering how you can surf the web without an address bar. Upon launching the app, the Google Search page will appear on the screen. This is the default home page on the browser. You can type the URL or the keywords on the Google Search bar. You can also use your phone’s back key to go back to the previous page or exit the browser. You can also find two virtual buttons below that allows you to zoom in and zoom out on a page.

The Lite.Browser app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. During my testing, the browser worked well and did not encounter any bugs or force close errors. I also did not find any ads running in the background.

Music Paradise Lite

Set foot on the land full of musical notes and rhythm. Listen to your favorite songs online with Music Paradise Lite on your Android device. With this app, you don’t need to download and save music files on your Android device. You can listen to your favorite songs online with the app.

Since this app needs to access its song database, you will need an active Internet connection for you to use this app. The app is just like your default music player. But, instead of getting the songs from your device, it will be getting its songs online. All you have to do is to search for your favorite songs and listen to them on your Android device. You don’t need to download your music files and store them on your device. You can also create your favorite playlist in the app.

Aside from playing your favorite songs, the app also offers a wide variety of song categories under the Station tab. Choosing one will allow the app to automatically find the songs under the selected category.

The Music Paradise Lite can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

New SMS Locker

Your Android phones may contain confidential information that should be kept away from public eyes. You don’t want to let anyone read your personal messages inside your inbox. In order to keep your messages safe, you can replace your default messaging app with the New SMS Locker app.

This app is just like your default SMS app. You can receive, store, read, and compose your messages within the app. What make this app special is that it has a security feature that prohibits anyone from reading your messages. Before you can access your inbox, you will need to enter your pattern code.

The app also allows you to import your SMS messages from your default messaging app. All your messages will be safely stored and kept away from prying eyes. You can also use this app to catch who is messing with your phone. The app will take a picture of any intruder who enters an incorrect pattern code. Along with the intruder’s picture, the location where that incident happened will also be recorded.

The New SMS Locker app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The app comes with ads appearing below the screen, but they won’t hinder you from using the app.