Have you tried selling an item but, much to your disappointment, it ends up not being bought because you lack the skill of persuasion? Or have you ever wondered how some people are just so good with sales talk that you end up buying a certain item even though you don’t really need it?

If you have experienced either, PitchCake may be able to answer your queries. PitchCake is an app where you can practice your confidence and persuasion skills. What’s great about this app is that you get to be rated according to your confidence, the content of your pitch, and some other criteria that will surely help you assess whether you’ve done great or you need to practice harder.

PitchCake is a community of product brands that need people to make pitches for them. Challenges are listed in the app together with corresponding prize money — your reward for creating a very good pitch. The brands and products have more than one slot for pitches, so if you think you can nail that particular pitch down, record one using the app and submit it. Who knows, you might win the cash prize.

At the moment, PitchCake is open to U.S. citizens only. Let’s just hope that they will turn pitch-making an international one. But, if you are after honing your speaking and persuasion skills, you can still use this app and be rated by their own system. With PitchCake, you’ll be as good as or better than the guy who tried selling cars to you the other day.

Kids Music Videos

If you have kids that won’t stay still and won’t be contented with reading books, maybe Kids Music Videos can be of help to you. This app has a collection of videos catered to kids, and yes, Barney is in it.

Kids Music Videos houses videos from Sesame Street, Baby TV, Barney, and a lot more. You won’t need to look for these videos individually on the Internet. If, for example, you are running a bit tight on your budget and you can’t afford to buy DVDs yet, having this app will surely be a savior.

The videos in this app can be played using the apps inbuilt player or you can choose to play the videos using YouTube. All of the videos in this app have YouTube channels so you can readily watch them through that service. As of now, the inbuilt player is not fully working so you can just watch the videos with your kids via YouTube. You won’t need to open YouTube separately; the app itself can launch the service once you tap on a video. Just make sure you’ve set the player to YouTube in the settings menu so that the app can directly launch the service.

Kids will surely stay put, watching educational videos from your Android device. Kids Music Videos can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, so if I were you, I’d download one now and place bright smiles on those restless and hyperactive kids.

Pokemon Soundboard

Who doesn’t love Pokemon? For kids who played the original game on their Gameboys years back, they surely would love to play this popular game again. I, for one, have emulators on both my desktop computer and my Android device.

If you loved the sounds you heard in the game and you would want to hear those sounds when you receive a message or when you get a call, Pokemon Soundboard is here to answer that little plea.

This app contains most of the sounds you hear in the game, minus the cries emitted by the various Pokemon (remember how they all seem to sound alike?). The app contains mostly background themes and notable sounds that Pokemon enthusiasts surely know. Sounds from the Pokemon Center, Cinnabar Island, and the other towns are present in the app.

You are not limited to just hearing these wonderful nostalgic tunes. You also get to save the sound to your phone and set it as a ringtone or a notification tone.

Pokemon Soundboard is free. It also has no obtrusive ads that annoy you out of your wits. Download this app today and start reliving the days when training your Pokemon was all you ever wanted to do.

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz says it all. It is an app that helps you in your anatomy and physiology lessons, especially if you are not the type who loves studying with clunky books.

Study in a new way using this app. The app has 10 free questions to help you remember important anatomy and physiology topics. The quiz allows you to choose the answer from 3 choices. You’d know your answer is wrong from the sound the app plays every time a wrong answer is selected.

Aside from the quiz, the app also has a coloring feature where you can put colors on a human brain. This is one great way of breaking away from all the studying. If your mind is ready for more learning, you can always go back to the quiz and gain more knowledge.

If you enjoyed this app, you can purchase more questions to supplement your learning, since the app only houses 10 questions initially when you download it. The app can be downloaded for free but surely, you won’t settle for just 10 questions. The more questions the quiz has, the better chances of learning more, as well.

The app doesn’t have annoying ads and doesn’t push notifications to your notification bar. Get this app for free and ace those anatomy and physiology exams.

Quick Cut (Free)

There are times when a particular scene from a music video or a full-length movie is just very funny or interesting that we keep on replaying that scene. And, because that certain part is worth showing to your friends, you scramble to show them by playing the video back, and what’s worse, you can’t seem to find it anymore.

Quick Cut (Free) is one tool you can use to help you cut out that particular scene and save it as a separate clip. The app is very easy to use, no complicated menus or buttons. The starting point and ending point markers are big enough to be moved, giving you much ease when you pick the part of the movie to be cut.

This app also allows you to choose where to save your clip. You can rename it to something more convenient for you, so when you meet with friends and you want to show them that funny clip, you can easily do so. You won’t be needing the whole video anymore, just the clip you prepared for them to see.

Quick Cut (Free) is of course, a free app you can download from the Google Play Store. It has ads, but luckily, they don’t really get in the way of your editing.

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