Drink Reminder

There’s a reason why our parents and almost every doctor we’ve encountered in our lives remind us to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Keeping hydrated is absolutely important for us. If you’re a highly active individual, you’re going to need a lot of water. With how busy our lives have become, however, it’s easy to forget to find time to fit all eight required glasses into our day. But, as they say, there’s an app for that and Drink Reminder will make sure you won’t neglect your hydration.

Developed by wunschApp, Drink Reminder not only keeps you appropriately hydrated, it can also give you a better idea of your daily drinking habits. Create your own hydration plan and set the app to remind you to take a whole glass of water. The app’s alarm will go off when it’s time.

The way the app lets you know how much water you’ve drunk is charming. With each glass of water that you take, the app’s screen gradually fills up with water. Say you’ve set the app for 2,000 mL of water. Drink 200 mL and the water level in the app will go up. You can also indicate if you’ve drunk 400 mL, 500 mL or 1,000 mL. Work your way to drinking until the app’s screen is completely full of water.

With Drink Reminder, you can monitor your daily water intake. Aim to meet it everyday and stay clear of the the typical signs of dehydration: headaches, tiredness, and drowsiness.

ThinkerTen for Instagram

Smartphones have allowed us to do a number of things with just one device. We can take notes in class.  We can update our social network on what we’re doing, who we’re doing it with and where we’re doing it. And, of course, we can snap pictures. After all, they do say that pictures are worth a thousand words. What better way to tell people just what you’re up to by taking a picture and making them green with envy.

Instagram was an iOS exclusive for a long while before the demand was too strong and the official app landed on Android. Looking for an alternative to the official Instagram app for Android? ThinkerTen for Instagram might be the one for you. Developed by ThinkerTen, the app promises to be fast, stable, and simple.

You’ll need an Instagram account to be able to use ThinkerTen for Instagram to the fullest, of course. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to access your updates and your profile. You can also check out what’s popular. If you just want to discover pictures, tap on the Browse icon.

Want to be specific? ThinkerTen for Instagram lets you search people and tags. It also supports themes. As of the moment, ThinkerTen for Instagram doesn’t have a lot of features. It’s still in its beta stage, but the developer has already promised that the app will load more features in the future.


The official Pinterest app is finally here! For the uninitiated, Pinterest is a website that allows you to literally pin your interests. You can discover, pin, and share your interests with friends or people you meet through the site who have the same interests that you do.

What you can find on Pinterest is endless, but for a long while, access to it was limited to only our desktops and notebooks. Now Pinterest’s official app has landed for our Android devices so we can browse and discover our interests anywhere we go. Sky’s the limit on what you can use Pinterest for. Use it for planning your wedding, birthday bash, or just about anything. You can even use Pinterest to look, collect, and draw inspiration for your next big masterpiece.

Pinterest for your Android device lets you pin what you find when you’re browsing the web and explore pins and content from other pinners that you follow. If you find something you love, leave a comment and repin it. You can even repin with your camera.

Some users have reported that while they are thrilled that the Pinterest app has arrived, the app still has some bugs that need fixing. Users, for example, have complained that the app keeps crashing when they try to sign up while others complained that pictures take too long to load. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the developers will have these issues fixed in the next update.

Motorcycle Weather Widget

When you roll out of bed and take a peek outside your window, it looks like a promising day. So, you decide to get some fresh air and enjoy the wind in your hair by taking your motorcycle out for a spin. Unfortunately, that promising day can easily turn into bad weather. Who wants to be soaked in rain? There are a lot of weather widgets on the Google Play Store and a number of them can easily replace the default one that phones come with, but if you want a weather widget that will tell you if it’s a good day to ride your motorcycle, then you should get the Motorcycle Weather Widget by InspectorG.

It’s a charming way to get the day’s forecast. You’ll see the maximum and minimum temperature, as well as the amount of rain. This last one is particularly important. If there might be quite a lot of rain, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in it with a low vehicle. That might spell a very expensive repair bill.

You can also check for the weather forecast for the next few days so you’ll always be prepared. If the weather is in your favor, pick up your helmet and take your motorcycle out for a spin. If the widget says it might rain, you might want to take a look at our next app, or you might want to check out our previous post about the best Android weather apps and widgets.

Tabata Exercise Interval Timer

So the weather widget says it’s going to rain. Thankfully, you’ve managed to avoid getting caught in it. That doesn’t mean you can’t be active inside the house. Pick up your smartphone and launch the Tabata Exercise Interval Timer.

Intervals are important in working out. You can’t just jump rope non-stop for an hour. Not only will you exhaust yourself but you’ll also be doing more harm than good.

The app comes with several presets. You can choose from Tabata, Boxing, MMA, 30 seconds on 30 off, G.S. Kettlebell workout, Compound Circuit Workout, Custom timer, and Meditation. That covers almost all your needs. If you need something specific and you’d like to make your own intervals, Tabata Exercise Interval Timer lets you do that, too. Name your preset, the number of rounds you want to do for that preset, how long each round should be, and your rest period. Save your preset and you’re ready for your workout. If you like working out with music, the Tabata Exercise Interval Timer has that functionality, as well.

The app is free but is ad-supported. The ads appear at the top of the screen but they’re far from the buttons, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing something.

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