We at Android Authority are having a blast not just in giving you the best news and reviews but also in staying on top of what’s new and what’s the latest in the app development scene.  From Monday to Friday, app developers churn out new Android apps for the rest of the world to take advantage of, whether for free or for a small fee.

Admittedly, not all new apps are great or worth sharing to our readers.  Of the numerous new Android apps published this week, what did we find worth telling you about?

In this August 17 issue of our weekly roundup of the best new and fresh Android apps, get to know more about apps that help you

  • keep scores when you’re playing golf;
  • translate words, phrases, and sentences from your native tongue to a foreign tongue;
  • never miss an item when buying groceries or when shopping;
  • enjoy a good, clean laugh;
  • detect and remove apps that display notification and status bar ads;
  • stay properly hydrated throughout the day;
  • access Instagram using an alternate app;
  • pin and share your interests on the Web corkboard;
  • see whether the weather today is perfect to take your motorcycle out;
  • plan and time your interval training exercises;
  • practice your sales pitch and build more persuasive confidence;
  • entertain your little ones with kid-friendly music videos;
  • relive the Pokemon days with Pokemon sounds and tunes;
  • ace your anatomy and physiology class; and
  • quickly cut and save clips from long movies.

Have fun trying out these new apps.

DiscGolf Lite

If you love playing golf and you have an Android device, you can use your Android phone or tablet as a score tally sheet with the DiscGolf Lite app. You don’t need to bring a pen and a sheet of paper while playing golf. You can tally your score and your friend’s score and view them in graphs via the app.

This app is designed for golf players so they can easily monitor their scores while playing golf. Launching the app will require you to create a golf course. You can set the numbers of holes for that course. For each hole, you can also adjust and set the par (the number of strokes to complete a round) on each hole.

Once your golf course is set, you can now add your name and your friends’ name as players. Beside each player, you can find the default pars. As you play the game, you will have to adjust the number of strokes made by each player in every round. The app also allows you to view the golf course map by using GPS and set a distance from each hole.

The DiscGolf Lite app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The free version shows ads below the screen, but they aren’t a big distraction while using the app. There is also a premium version that will remove the ads and unlock all of its features.

Lyngo Lite Voice Translator

Going on a trip to a place where you don’t know how to speak the local language? Why buy bulky translation books when you can translate words and even sentences with the Lyngo Lite Voice Translator app. This app will be your virtual translation book inside your Android device.

All you have to do is launch the app, speak the words, and let the app do the rest. Don’t limit yourself in translating one or two words since the app is capable of translating sentences, as well. Translated words will be displayed on the screen. A voice interpretation will also be played. You can use this app to translate words and let the locals read or listen to the translated words.

You can find two flags on the app’s interface: one on the lower-right and another on the the lower-left. Your native language will be based on the flag set on the lower-left and it will be translated to the language represented by the flag on the lower-right side. Just tap the lower-left flag and speak the words you want to translate. You can also long-tap on the flag to type the words.

The Lyngo Lite Voice Translator app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Being a free app, you will have a limited set of voice recognition supported languages and limited translated languages with real speech. You will have to purchase the premium version of the app to unlock more languages. During my testing, I didn’t find any ad popping up on the app’s interface. You will also need an Internet connection for the app to recognize your voice.

If you need more ideas for translator apps to take with you on your trips, see our post about the best translator apps for Android.

ToShop – Shopping List

Before going out to the grocery store, it is always advised to bring a list so you won’t forget an item or two when doing the groceries. A good shopper brings a pen and paper while doing the grocery, but a techy shopper uses her or his Android device as a shopping list via the ToShop – Shopping List app.

This app allows you to create and save your shopping list on your Android device. With this app, you can create various shopping lists. You can create a list for your groceries, a list for things to buy at the mall, a list for the things you need for work, and all kinds of lists. After creating a new list, you can add items to the list.

There there 3 ways to add an item on the list: manually typing it, scanning a barcode, or using your voice. Manually typing an item is the easiest and the most convenient way since you won’t needing an Internet connection, nor a barcode scanner app to add an item. You can also add specific information for an item, such as its quantity and price.

The ToShop – Shopping List can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The app displays ads on the bottom of the screen, although we didn’t think they’re too distracting.

Good Clean Jokes

Do you like telling jokes to your friends? If you do, you can get some fresh and new set of jokes with the Cool Clean Jokes app on your Android device. This app compiles all kinds of jokes so you can share them to your friends and make them laugh.

Launching the app will bring you to its main interface that consists of list of joke categories. You can find jokes from the field of medicine, jokes about animals, political jokes, army jokes, and many more. Just tap on the category and you will be directed to the jokes page. Here you can read jokes based on the category you have chosen. A total number of joke pages will be displayed on the upper-right portion of the screen. You can also swipe left or right to view the next and previous jokes. The app also allows you to share your jokes to your friends. You can either send jokes as an SMS message or via email.

Cool Clean Jokes can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Although the app is ad-supported, you don’t need to worry about it because ads will only appear below the screen and won’t distract you from using the app.

Notification Ad-blocking

A lot of users enjoy downloading free apps on their Android device. A free app allows you to enjoy the app and use its features without spending a single dollar. Free apps, however, would still require you to pay a price by bearing with the popping ads on the app’s interface. I can bear with ads silently appearing below the screen, but it’s not the same case of popping ads on your notification menu. If that happens and you don’t know which app is causing the ads, you can use the Notification Ad-blocking app to detect which apps are sending ads to your notification menu.

Notification Ad-blocking will detect all apps, including the suspicious and normal apps, that send ads or reminders to the notification menu. Take note that not all apps which send reminders to the notification menu are bad apps or malware. Some apps were intentionally designed to send reminders, updates, or special offers to your notification menu. From the list of detected apps, choose the suspicious apps and delete them (if you want) from your Android device.

The Notification Ad-blocking app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Despite being an ad detector, this free app also has an ad of its own. You can find ads appearing on the bottom portion of the screen. During my testing, though, I found that Notification Ad-blocking  blocks the last detected app on the list. Nevertheless, the app did well and was able to detect apps that send ads or reminders to the notification menu.

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