Fitbit, the popular digital fitness products manufacturer, has two new wearable devices that make syncing your fitness information even easier by doing it wirelessly. One is available now, and one is coming soon.

Fitbit’s activity trackers are essentially pedometers with extra features. They keep track of how many steps you’ve taken and how far you’ve traveled in a day, and then feed this data into the Fitbit ecosystem, which can also keep track of what you eat and what you weigh, via its mobile apps and Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, respectively.

Two new activity trackers feature Bluetooth 4.0, and can currently sync with iOS devices, though compatibility with certain Android devices is said to be on the way. The first of these, the Fitbit Zip, was released yesterday, and retails for $59.95. One interesting change mentioned on the Fitbit Blog is that instead of using a button like previous devices, the Fitbit Zip responds to being tapped.

The Fitbit One, which is set to be released in mid-October for $99.95, adds a number of features on top of what is offered by the Fitbit Zip. In addition to tracking steps taken and distance, this model can also count how many floors you’ve climbed. The Fitbit One also offers sleep tracking features, and since you have to be wearing it to track your sleep, it adds a silent alarm that can wake you slowly by vibrating.

The Fitbit apps for Android and iOS have been updated. Now users will be able to view the same leaderboards and activity charts available on the Fitbit website. This social aspect is a large part of Fitbit’s popularity, and can also motivate people to stay in better shape by encouraging them to compete with their friends.

Are you a Fitbit user? Are you planning to be one once Android syncing becomes available?

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