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New Exynos chip teased for CES 2014 – is it going to be Samsung’s first 64-bit CPU?

Samsung on Twitter teased an Exynos chips-related announcement for CES 2014. Read on for more details!
December 28, 2013

Samsung on Friday posted a teaser message on its Exynos Twitter account for the company’s upcoming Exynos chips that are expected to be unveiled in the following days, at CES 2014.

The tweet also included an image (see above), with a clear indication that on January 7, 2014, Samsung will make some sort of Exynos announcement – the tagline used is “Flying even higher in 2014.”

Does that mean Samsung’s upcoming generation of custom chips will feature 64-bit support? Or does it mean the processors have heterogeneous multi-processing (HMP) capabilities out of the box? Maybe both?

Samsung has already confirmed that it’s working on its own 64-bit chips, and it may become the third company to make such mobile chips following Apple and Qualcomm. But it’s too early to know whether the next-gen Exynos chips that will be unveiled at CES 2014 will have 64-bit support, since these processors are expected to equip devices in the second half of next year.

As for HMP powers, SamMobile has apparently leaned that the Exynos 6 Octa – the next Exynos generation – will have HMP enabled from the get-go, meaning that future smartphones and tablets that will have a new Exynos chip inside will use true octa-core chips. While the current Exynos 5 Octa chips have eight cores, they’re only using one of the four-core clusters at a time, depending on workload. Mediatek on the other hand, has already launched the first true mobile chip ready to use all of the available eight cores.

According to the publication, the Exynos 5410 in the Galaxy S4 is missing HMP implementation at both hardware and software level, meaning that Samsung will not be able to activate it via a software update in the future. However, the Exynos 5420 in the Galaxy Note 3 does have HMP at hardware level, which could be activated in the future, at least in theory.

Also worth mentioning is that Samsung has an #UnlockExynos promotion going on via Twitter right now – the teaser tweet above includes the hashtag as well – with various prizes for lucky winners including two Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, four Samsung Chromebook laptops and eight Samsung Exynos Prize packs.

We’ll be back with more details about Samsung’s CES 2014 Exynos announcements in the following days.