The much anticipated Dell Mini 5 recently landed in Engadget’s hands and they wasted no time in snapping photos and shooting a nice video of the boot up sequence for the half tablet half phone hybrid.  Noted in our previous coverage, the interesting aspect of this device is that it is in between a phone and a tablet in size and is trying to satisfy both forms which has not yet been done successfully.  It is a bit disappointing that nobody has taken a photo of it while held up to the face or ear because it may be a tad too large to use as a primary phone and its the primary question on everyone’s mind.

By reviewing the photos closely a couple of observations show a dual LED flash camera, custom UI, easily scratched front and back surface, its thinner than an iPhone, and has landscape oriented buttons to the right of the screen.  With the landscape orientation of the buttons, Dell seems to be going for Tablet over phone forms and we will be curious to see how the public perceives the size of the device.  Dell looks to have a winner here with the sleek design coupled with custom interface running on top of Android and, hopefully, it will perform all phone and tablet functions well.  We won’t know for sure until it is launched soon on AT&T’s network or hard details are possibly announced at MWC next week.  Hit the jump for more pics and the video.

[via Engadget]