According to two research firms, Pew Research and comScore, Android devices are now in more people’s hands than ever before. Starting with the Pew data, they say that 22% of Americans own a tablet of some kind. How many of those run Android? A little less than half, 48%. One year ago that number was less than 20%, so Google’s got to be doing something right! It should be noted however that half of those Android tablets are made by Amazon, so while they technically have Android under the hood, they’re not really technically Google sanctioned.

Moving on to comScore, they have even more data, specifically about smartphone owners. Back in May, they said roughly 50% of Americans were using Android phones. That number is now hovering around 52.6%. Where are these new Android owners coming from? RIM’s BlackBerry platform lost 3.1% market share, and Windows Phone, surprisingly, lost about half a point. Which companies are raking in the most sales? Samsung, by a huge margin. Roughly half, or 25.7%, of the phones currently in use by Americans (both smartphones and dumbphones) are made by the South Korean handset maker. LG is next with 18.2%, followed by Apple with 17.1%, then Motorola with 11.2%.

Notice one company that isn’t on that list? HTC. For some strange reason, HTC just can’t get anyone to buy their devices. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with the One X, maybe people just think the Galaxy S III is that much better? AT&T is going to launch the One X+ later this year however, so we’re hoping that’ll help them out. We need more companies pushing Android forward.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that Android is only going to become more popular. The most obvious reason for this current and likely future success is cost. Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a flagship device? Buy a midrange phone. Don’t want to sign a two year contract? Go with Virgin Mobile or some other equivalent prepaid MVNO.

Choice simply wins when it comes to this game.