Middle of last month, Android Authority covered the story about the leaked photos of the Sony Ericsson ST18i, which we thought to be codenamed “Azusa.” We got one thing right: those photos were, in fact, of the Sony Ericsson ST18i, but we goofed about the codename. The codename should have been “Urushi.”

There’s an Azusa, yes, but its model name is actually Sony Ericsson ST18a, which was later released as the Xperia acro.

Last time you saw glimpses of the Urushi, your eyes had to deal with out-of-focus and blurry images. But, photos of the Urushi have resurfaced, and this time, you can feast your eyes on clear images. Take a look and feel good:

The photos were sent to GSM Arena and the source said that the Urushi is the smaller version of the famed Xperia arc, with similar features to boot. That means the Urushi will be carrying the powerful 1-GHz Snapdragon and the Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine.

Being the Xperia arc’s younger sibling, the Urushi’s display will be smaller (3.2 inches, 854×480 pixels screen resolution), but it’s going to eat Gingerbread and have an 8-megapixel rear camera (720p-capable, with LED flash), just like its elder sibling.

Rumor has it that the Urushi will come out some time during school opening season in September.

Would you like to have this baby inside your school bag?