Gameloft Blitz Brigade

A little while back, we showed you a teaser trailer for Blitz Brigade, a team based shooter for Android and iOS devices. Now a new, shorter trailer has hit the web, but on the up side, it features more gameplay.

Blitz Brigade, which could easily also be called Battlefield Fortress 2, still has no official release date attached to it, but will cost you the low, low price of free. Of course, we’re fairly certain that there will be plenty of in-app purchases, but hey, GameLoft isn’t a charity.

While the trailer is only 30 seconds long and only about 15 of those seconds actually feature gameplay footage, it manages to pack quite a bit of action into the short amount of time. See for yourself below:

Though Blitz Brigade may not be the most original game available for Android, neither have GameLoft’s previous titles, and that has worked out fairly well for them so far. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s released, so stay tuned.

Who’s planning on picking up Blitz Brigade when it’s released?

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