Those who always felt a little bad for the pigs in the Angry Birds series of games now have a reason to celebrate. We’ve known for a while that Rovio was preparing to release Bad Piggies, a brand new game starring the birds’ enemies, but today a trailer was finally released showing off the gameplay.

Those who were expecting another iteration of Angry Birds starring the pigs are wrong, but Bad Piggies will still appeal to fans of the former game’s physics-based puzzles. Instead of trying to simply topple towers, players now construct various vehicles to help the pigs navigate levels full of obstacles.

These vehicles range from rudimentary cars that do nothing that do nothing but roll forward to helicopter and plane-like vehicles that fly through the stages. How the game scores you based on your actions isn’t clear from the video, but it seems certain that there is more to Bad Piggies than just getting to the end of the level.

Instead of referring to Bad Piggies as a spinoff of Angry Birds, Rovio is calling it a “sibling.” If the game is even half as successful as Angry Birds, it should do fairly well. Angry Birds has sold over 1 billion copies of the game, earning Rovio over $100 million in revenue in 2011.

As we’ve previously covered, Rovio will release Bad Piggies on September 27th for Android and iOS.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you downloading Bad Piggies once it’s released?