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Android Developers Get Better Insight with the New App Stats

February 29, 2012

The new app stats, which you can find in the Developer Console, now come with added tools that are essential for analysis and marketing, such as:

  • Viewing apps installations measured by unique users and devices
  • Two new data dimensions – the carrier and app version
  • Timeline charts that highlight the peak performance of the apps and long-term trends

More details about the latest App Stats below.

App Stats

Previously, the Developer Console provided developers and publishers with performance data on dimensions like countries, model devices, and platform versions, among others. The new metrics now allow you to track active installs and total installs of the apps, as well as daily installs and uninstalls by unique users. In addition, you’ll also get to track active installs, daily installs, and uninstalls, as well as upgrades, by unique devices. Finally, the revamped version of the App Stats allows you to track the installation of apps across carriers or to view the launch metrics of specific app updates.

To track the installation data in a longer period, timeline charts are added to the metrics and dimensions. This gives you the ability to determine the peak installation of the apps and spot long-term trends – making it easier to correlate the performance to certain factors. It is also possible to add specific points and factors to the timeline inside the dimension.

Some cosmetic changes are also introduced, as the user interface of the new App Stats has been improved. It is now more compact and easier to use, with a dedicated tab displaying each dimension. To top it off, you can now exports all the stats easily in one CSV file.

This is the kind of improvement that developers and publishers are looking for and can truly benefit from, making the Android scene that much more attractive compared to other platforms. With more than 450,000 apps available to download in Android Market today (three times the number reported a year ago) and 850,000 new device activations per day, world mobile domination seems to be just a few steps away for Google’s Android.