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The best NEW Android games from January 2023

Looking for a fun, new Android game? We can help. Here are the best new Android games from the last month.
January 29, 2023
AAW Ninja Must Die

Android gaming is getting bigger and better every month, and there is always a slew of new titles coming to Google Play. Whether you’re a casual gamer or want something with a bit more meat on its bones, there’s usually a game coming out to suit everyone’s taste. Some months are better than others, but there is usually at least one great new game on mobile every month. Let’s look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can also check out our picks for the best new Android games released in all of 2022.

The best NEW Android games from January 2023

Cat Snack Bar

Price: Free to play

Cat Snack Bar is an idle game mixed with a restaurant sim. Your cat cooks food and serves it to customers to generate money. You use the money to improve the restaurant, which in turn increases your money. That gameplay loop continues until you finish all of the levels or you get bored. The graphics are cute and easy to follow. Likewise, the controls are also quite simple. There isn’t much wrong with this one as far as idle games go, and it’s a step above a lot of the idle games that have come out lately.

Design Diary

Price: Free to play

Design Diary is a match-three game with some home decoration mechanics. The main game has you matching symbols to wipe them off of the board and complete the level. As you play, you unlock various cosmetics and items to decorate your houses. The game features a ton of levels, multiple areas to decorate, and even some stories for you to follow as you play. The mechanics are fairly typical for a game in this space, so veterans of the genre should feel right at home.

Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest

Price: Free to play

Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest is a kingdom builder game with some extra mechanics. The core of the game has you building up a kingdom with defenses and resource generators. You use the resources to build your kingdom further. It is online, so you’ll also deal with other players. Each player also has dragons to join them in battle. It’s a tad bit deeper than something like Clash of Clans, and it’s nice to see kingdom-building games like this still coming out on occasion.

Ever Legion

Price: Free to play

Ever Legion screenshot 2022

Ever Legion is an idle RPG. The game has players go on an adventure to save their families from being turned into undead monsters. The player collects heroes, does battles to level them up, and progresses through the story. It plays itself in the background, so you’re always getting resources, even when you don’t play. The game world is dark, reminiscent of Diablo in some ways. It’s a good overall experience, and it blends RPG with idle pretty well.


Price: Free to play

Eversoul is a mobile RPG with gacha elements. The mechanics are fairly typical of the genre. You summon characters, level them up, and use them to progress through the game. There is also an idle element as well as auto battles so you can generate resources quickly and in the background. That’s mostly how the game goes. You grind, progress, and then grind some more. The game world and characters are well-designed, and combat is if nothing else, smooth and enjoyable to watch.

Frozen City

Price: Free

Frozen City is a city-building simulator with some minor survival elements. Your goal is to build a town after a giant snow apocalypse. Players collect resources, keep their workforce safe, explore the nearby wilds, and get a town up and running. There are a variety of buildings to make, most of which include processing materials into some sort of good. You’ll manage a labor force and try to keep everything running. The mechanics are solid, but the game is still struggling through some early bugs.

KartRider: Drift

Price: Free to play

KartRider: Drift is the next game in the KartRider franchise. The first game did really well, and this game already has over a million downloads. It’s a kart-style racer that plays a bit like Mario Kart. You race through levels, collect power-ups, and use them to impede the progress of other drivers. The game includes many races, the ability to design your own kart, and a few different game modes to play through. The controls are a bit clunky, and the game does have some early bugs, but the developer is Nexon, and they’re pretty big, so they’ve likely got people working to fix it up.

Resonance of the Ocean

Price: Free

Resonance of the Ocean screenshot

Resonance of the Ocean is a relaxing puzzle game with a musical element. You start by wandering around an island to find materials that you use to make musical instruments. You use those instruments to make sounds. It’s not a complicated game by any stretch, and most players should be able to play through the whole thing in under an hour. We hope the developer adds more levels eventually because the premise is quite good. It’s just a bit short. The game is entirely free to play, though, so it’s a nice way to spend part of an afternoon.

Sort Master

Price: Free to play

Sort Master is a puzzle game where you pour liquids from one glass into another. The goal is to get all the liquids of the same color with one another. It’s not a terribly challenging game, but levels do get longer as you play. Levels get harder by introducing more containers and more colors to separate. We would call this a family-friendly game, except the advertising is a bit much. Plus, we think the game is just a touch too slow as well. It’s not perfect, but if the developers clean it up a bit, it could be a fun little puzzle game.


Price: Free

Wordicate screenshot 2023

Wordicate is a crossword-style game . You rearrange the letters on the screen to form one of the words in the crossword. The game gives you a fresh set of letters to guess the next word. Each level is over when all of the boxes are filled in. We like this one because it’s minimal, easy to play, and can get challenging in later contests. Plus, you can get scores with bonuses to tell you how you did. This is a decent time killer for word puzzle fans.

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