The headline last month was the release (finally!) of Facebook’s own Messenger app. There were other choice picks in there as well, so let’s look at some of the ones devs have released recently that keep you productive on the go.

1. Facebook Messenger (free)

Wait, Facebook has a productivity app? Well, it does streamline your messages and let you connect with your contacts more quickly on the go. That’s the main gist of the new Messenger app. Great for organizing get togethers, not so much for calling meetings.

2. Seller Tool for Amazon ($2.99)

If you’re a US Amazon Pro merchant, I’m sure you need an app like this. It gives you the power to access your account anywhere and update it accordingly. It also lets you monitor pending orders and even check out your settlements in a tidy little chart.

3. Retail Inventory (free)

Smartphones are more than just communication tools. With the right app, you can even use it as an inventory tool, syncing on hand stocks and incoming shipments with your POS. Enter Retail Inventory. This app does just that: scans barcodes and keeps tabs on your inventory just using your Android’s camera.

4. WritePad Stylus ($0.99)

Your next big idea might come in while you’re outside the office. For Android tablet owners, one of the best ways to capture that thought is using Writepad. Use your stylus to jot down notes, create mindmaps or destress through creative doodling.

5. DocScanner ($1.99)

Paper won’t be going away any time soon, despite what people say. If you need to get that deadtree into digital form though, DocScanner is here to lend a hand. It lets your scan documents neatly and even adjusts to give you the best picture possible. Then either save it for later or share it via its Evernote and Google Docs integration.

6. Shopify Widget (free)

If you sell online using Shopify, this widget will help you out a lot. Track your sales and orders right from your homescreen and keep tabs on what you sell. Unfortunately, it seems to do little else so you still need to jump to your site to actually fulfill those orders.