Google is finally going to unleash Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow night in Hong Kong with Samsung announcing the new Galaxy Nexus. And, thankfully, we already have some more Ice Cream Sandwich leaks here for you. This time we have some screenshots of new widgets for Email, Gmail, and the Calendar.

Phonedog and Android Police also leaked some alleged details on Ice Cream Sandwich’s new Gallery app. Allegedly, Google will be building some basic photo editing functionality into the Gallery app, including the ability to flip, crop, sharpen, and remove red eye. Users will also reportedly be able to apply a number of different effects to photos, such as fisheye, sepia, grayscale, posterize and more. Sounds like some good new enhancements for the Gallery app right?

The Email widget looks similar to Honeycomb’s widget, except a little lighter and, in my opinion, offers a better User Interface.

The calendar widget looks a thousand times better then the widget available in Froyo (Android 2.2) and Gingerbread (Android 2.3). Honeycomb started the makeover and it looks as if Ice Cream Sandwich has continued it. Almost a 3D look to the Calendar widget in ICS, according to this leak.

After the Google+ 2.0 app and Google Music App leak for Ice Cream Sandwich was leaked last week, what else does Google have in store for us tomorrow at their event with Samsung? What are you hoping for?

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