This was always just around the bend since ultimately it is Google’s bread-and-butter; the corner-stone to their entire company: advertising! Google is a search engine, and the main way Google makes a living is via search related adverts. The whole push into the mobile browsing experience via the OHA and the G1 is not completely through the goodness of their heart. We always knew there was a reason, and we are just seeing that reason come into focus.

Do a search on your G1 now and you will see that the first hits back are sponsored links. Welcome to ‘AdWords’. There is also a new back-end supporting the new options of mobile marketing, and it’s quite smart too. You can market your adverts exclusively to the G1 or iPhone (or any device with a full HTML browser for that matter). You can even grab full reports of each marketing campaign.

Sure, there are some flaws in the end-user-experience, but anyone who didn’t see this coming was a little naive!

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.