a href="https://www.androidauthority.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/netronix-ebook.jpg">netronix-ebookAccording to Digitimes, Taiwanese network hardware manufacturer Netronix is partnering with Texas Instruments to move their line of e-book readers to an Android-based OS in 2010. Company chairman Arthur Lu said that Netronix will adopt the Android platform in order to increase the interoperability of their e-books with other Android devices. Presumably, owners of a Netronix e-book reader will be able to sync and share digital content between their Android reader and their Android handset, in a manner similar to the syncing that currently exists between the Kindle and the iPhone. The Android-based Netronix e-book readers are expected to ship in mid-2010 and will feature integrated 3/3.5G for always-on wireless connectivity. Hopes are high for these Android e-book readers with Netronix expecting to ship more than one million units in 2010.