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Netgear announces NeoTV PRIME, a Google TV infused set-top box

Netgear is a well known manufacturer of a lot of decent hardware. However, no one expected them to come to CES 2013 with a new Google TV set-top box. Called the NeoTV PRIME, it's available right now for a reasonable price and fits right into the current market.
January 7, 2013
A couple of days ago, Google announced that there would be a number of new OEMs who would be releasing Google TV products. On that list were some heavy hitters like Sony, ASUS, and others. One name that wasn’t on that list was Netgear. However, that didn’t stop Netgear from releasing their own Google TV-infused set-top box called NeoTV PRIME.

The NeoTV PRIME comes from a a number of NeoTV boxes that stream media. The PRIME is the first with Google TV. Netgear not only announced the product at CES 2013, but also released it. It’s available right now for a cool $129.99. This puts it on par with every other Google TV in terms of pricing.

As The Verge reports, NeoTV PRIME supports pretty much everything any other Google TV supports. This includes HBO, Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. As per the norm, no one mentioned Hulu but Hulu hasn’t made their stuff compatible with Android yet. Google Chrome, Flash content, home media servers, and USB storage is also supported.

Also included with Netgear’s Google TV offering a modified remote. It has dedicated buttons for HBO GO, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Crackle, and a button for user media called My Media. Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard remote with a touch pad and the traditional buttons.

Is the Netgear NeoTV PRIME worth getting?

If you’re a fan of Google TV, then yes definitely. It is competitively priced with Google TV boxes that are much older than it. It is a low cost solution for those who want Google TV without wanting to buy a whole new TV. If you’re on the fence about Google TV still, you may want to wait and see if Google TV evolves a little more into what you need it for.

The specs are still somewhat of a mystery. It’ll obviously be compatible with all common forms of WiFi connection to include at least g and n. However, no word has come out yet as to its processor, or other internal specs. Given its price range, it’ll be at least on par with current offerings. Probably a little better, considering it’s newer. It’s available from Newegg right now and will ship on January 11th. Is anyone considering getting one of these?