Android enthusiasts, particularly users of the Android 3.x (Honeycomb) tablets, now have another reason to rejoice as they can now enjoy Netflix. Moreover, it’s not just the users from the US who get to benefit from it because for the very first time, users from Canada and Latin America can now in these regions.

This means that Android users can now enjoy Netflix in and out of the US, regardless of the type of device. It’s actually good to know that Android users now have the option to watch videos on bigger screens.

Netflix, which is now at version 1.5 as an application, can be downloaded for free in the Android Market. This is actually a result of the company’s efforts to make Netflix available to as many Android devices as possible. Looking back, it first became available to Android last May although the number of gadgets that can take advantage of it was very limited.

Four months later, the application was updated for other Android versions, making it available to 80% of the entire Android phone population. And with the launch of the new application, even more Android users are now able to enjoy its streaming video service.


Android 3.x (Honeycomb) tablet users can now download Netflix for free in the Android Market.

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