One of the quickest ways to use up your precious mobile data is to stream video, but thankfully Netflix is doing something to combat this problem.

The TV and movie streaming service has just announced a new tool that will help users better control their mobile data consumption when connected to a cellular network. Instead of providing a tool that will simply put a hard data cap in place, Netflix instead is opting for a new setting that will diminish or increase the streaming quality of the video based on how much data you’d like to use.

The default setting (located in App Settings>Cellular Data Usage in the mobile app) will enable you to stream about 3 hours of television shows or movies per gigabyte of mobile data. This amounts to roughly 600 Kilobits per second in terms of bitrates. Of course, you’ll be able to change this setting if you aren’t keen on a lower video quality, but the company says the default setting strikes a preferable balance between good video quality and lower data usage. If you have a high data cap or unlimited data, though, feel free to change the quality setting to high or turn it off completely.

This change was put in place to give users more control over how they consume media. To get the new feature you’ll need to be running the latest version of the Android or iOS app. The update is now available in the Google Play Store, so follow the link attached below to get started.

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