That took a while, but better late than never. I actually didn’t expect them to bring the Netflix app to all Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices so quickly, mainly because they’ve said it’s a DRM issue, and they want to protect the content on the behalf of the content owners. Either those content owners changed their minds recently, or Netflix managed to convince them that it won’t be so bad to put the content on Android without built-in DRM.

Google might bring built-in DRM to Ice-Cream Sandwich, since they recently bought that Widevine DRM company. But it seems Netflix didn’t want to wait around for that. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that Google is very close to buying Hulu?

They certainly wouldn’t want Hulu dominate them all of the sudden, especially if Google makes it international. That would put Hulu way ahead of Netflix, and even in USA, by embedding Hulu on Android, or at least making the app available to all Android phones. So when you think about that, Netflix’s move might not seem so surprising, after all.

It’s also possible they thought their customers are getting more and more annoyed with them for not offering an Android app, and them not wanting to upset them too much. If that happened, they probably even used that as evidence to show the content owners that they really need to put Netflix on all/most Android phones, otherwise they’ll all suffer for it and lose revenue.

Whatever their reasoning for it, it’s still great news for all Netflix customers with Android phones that they can now enjoy Netflix on the go. Although, you should still watch out for your data consumption, especially if you’re capped. It’s better to just use it when around a Wi-fi router or hotspot because watching movies online can eat up data quickly.

You can get the free Netflix app from the Android Market right now.